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Alice Gosti: Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture

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On the Boards Queen Anne
March 29–April 1


Recommended by Rich Smith

Seattle-based Italian American choreographer Alice Gosti produces intellectually rigorous, infinitely compelling, non-precious durational performance art. Sometimes she wraps her head in toilet paper for eight hours straight, and you get to think about how hard it is to even just communicate effectively with another person. Sometimes she transforms her dancers into water and has them perform for tourists on the waterfront, and you remember in a sort of deeper way that bodies really are made of water. This time she's setting her dancers in a hoarder's dreamworld full of chairs and tables. Her motivating question, according to the press release: "Do objects imbued with so much of our worth start to take over and take on a life of their own?"

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On the Boards

100 W Roy St, Seattle, WA 98119

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • March 29–April 1