Cathy McClure: Dispossessed

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Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) (map) Pioneer Square
Thurs-Sat. Through Jan 13
closing reception and artist talk Sat Jan 13, 12–3 pm, free


Recommended by Joule Zelman

What lurks under the pelts of your kids' mechanical plush toys? Betty Bowen Award–winning artist and metalworker Cathy McClure took a pair of scissors to find out. Skinned, these cuddly cartoon characters and animal friends—abandoned by their owners to thrift stores, where the artist picks them up—turn into clacking, cawing, snapping armies of gold-plated robots. These toys are "dispossessed" of their cultural moment and the affections that made them relevant. As for us, we're left with the detritus of our imagined futures. As CoCA Gallery writes: "The Digital Kids generation’s post-toy life leans more toward apathy and bewilderment at a screen over jubilance and exhilaration found in play."

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Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA)

114 3rd Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98104

Event Times
  • closing reception and artist talk Sat Jan 13, 12–3 pm, free
  • Thurs-Sat. Through Jan 13
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