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Northwest Folklife Festival


Seattle Center Seattle Center
May 25–28, 2018

$10 suggested donation

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The goal of Folklife is noble as heck: “We envision strong communities, united by arts and culture… When people share aspects of their culture, opportunities are created to dissolve misunderstandings, break down stereotypes, and increase respect for one another.” What does this translate to? A gigantic Memorial Day weekend hippie fest full of lovely people dancing, performing world music from “yodeling to beatboxing” and everything in between, serving tasty street food, and leading workshops in arts and crafts. If you want the numbers: This year will mark the 47th event, will include more than 5,000 performers, will draw from more than 100 cultural communities, expects up to 250,000 attendees, and asks for a $10 donation per person. It’s a great, if potentially overwhelming, people-watching experience, plus a great way to see local music, including Tomo Nakayama, Naomi Wachira, and Astro King Phoenix.

Seattle Center

305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • May 25–28, 2018