This event is in the past.

Ghosts of Hell Creek


Meany Center for the Performing Arts University District
May 5–6


In collaboration with paleontologists Dr. Greg Wilson and Dr. Dave Evans, Ari Rudenko directs a prehistoric animal dance that combines Japanese butoh theater and Indonesian traditional/contemporary dance influences with "a science-based comparative examination of the anatomy, locomotion, and theoretical behavior of key extinct species featured in the performances." From February 3 to March 8 on Saturdays and Thursdays, take part in free workshops, leading up to the performance audition on March 10. In May, watch Ghosts of Hell Creek, a dance depicting one of the last birdlike dinosaurs in the days before the cataclysm that ended the reign of the "terrible lizards," and one of the first mammals to emerge from the wreckage.

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Meany Center for the Performing Arts

Meany Hall, UW Campus, Seattle, WA

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • May 5–6