MoPOP Pop Conference 2018

What Difference Does It Make? Gender & Music


Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) (map) Seattle Center
April 26–29 All Ages

Recommended by Kim Selling

Generally, if you care about something, maybe it’s good to talk about it. And with something so creatively magnanimous as music, maybe it’s good to talk about it all the time, so that every facet can be fully represented. The MoPOP Pop Con is a solid example of intellectualizing art without squashing the abilities of layperson creation. Analysis of art does not diminish its power, and, as it stands, art remains one of the few things that gains ground as we discuss it. The theme of this year’s Pop Con is “What Difference Does It Make? Gender & Music,” so naturally all conference components will focus on the dovetailing of music and gender in creative, personal, and public realms. Panelists, pop-culture experts, and music critics have yet to be announced, but they generally attend to art-activated variables, like environmental impact or historical legacy, with discussions touching on everything from identity politics to boundary-breaking music in the modern era.

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Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)

325 Fifth Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
Hours: daily

Venue Hours
  • daily
Event Times
  • April 26–29
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