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Gorge Amphitheatre Out of Town
July 20–22, 7:30 pm All Ages


Recommended by Leilani Polk

I spent the first five years that I loved Phish trying to turn people on to them, and then the decade after that willfully trying not to—because what’s the point? I love them, and that’s what matters. Why? The dear friends (Phamily) I see every time I hit some shows (because one is never enough); the sense of adventure that every show brings (the band’s finely honed improvisational chops and a catalog of more than 300 songs mean no two set lists are ever alike); the experience of being among 20,000 people all head-bobbing and dancing and sharing in the groove under a saturated spray of lights (Chris Kuroda is THE best); and, of course, the music. It’s everything I want all in one place, from sweetly sentimental ballads to white-boy cow-funk odes to progressive compositions that sound both Mozart- and Zappa-influenced to rock ’n’ roll barn burners. Plus jazz, blues, bluegrass, prog-rock, psychedelia, acoustic, and jamtronica, or electro psychedelia, or whatever you call it when four men with pristine musical skills make music that sounds like a mesmerizing machine.

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Gorge Amphitheatre

754 Silica Road NW, George, WA 98824

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • July 20–22, 7:30 pm