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Sean Penn: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

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Moore Theatre Belltown
Wed April 11, 2018, 7 pm


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Recommended by Sean Nelson

I guess the question is: Do you want it to be the case that Sean Penn’s first novel is good, or at least interesting, or do you want it to be folly? Either way, his literary debut, entitled Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff (Atria)—“a scorching, darkly funny novel about Bob Honey, a modern American man, entrepreneur, and part-time assassin”—is now available. Penn is tricky. On the one hand, he is indisputably one of the finest screen actors of this or any other lifetime. On the other, he’s the kind of conspicuous liberal activist celebrity who makes even devout liberals flinch. Plus the awful things we believe we know about his personal life and behavior. And, of course, the whole thing about actors writing fiction. But then again, one would like to believe that the truly breathtaking mastery of one art form could conceivably translate to some kind of noteworthy dalliance with another. POST-PUBLICATION UPDATE: That's all very nice, but as it turns out, the book is, if nothing else, VERY poorly written. But, hey, you know... The Falcon and the Snowman was amazing.

Moore Theatre

1932 Second Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

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This event is in the past.
  • Wed April 11, 2018, 7 pm