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Quenton Baker: Ballast


Frye Art Museum First Hill
Oct 6, 2018–Feb 3, 2019, Tuesdays–Sundays


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Recommended by Joule Zelman

In 1841, American-born slaves on the brig Creole, led by a man named Madison Washington, commandeered the ship bringing them toward a continued life of misery and cruelty. They landed on British territory, where they found their freedom. Award-winning local poet Quenton Baker takes off on this story to examine black history from a personal standpoint, as he did in his collection This Glittering Republic. The survival struggle of long-ago people and the lingering effects of slavery on the psyche of those born free inspired Baker’s “erasure poems,” which he created by blacking out words in the Senate report on the Creole. Baker uses this selective elimination process to take control of the historical narrative, directing the viewer’s consciousness to unintended meanings. The title of this exhibition, which grew out of Baker's book-in-progress, refers to the ballast counterweighting the Creole's human cargo.

Frye Art Museum

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  • Thurs–Sun, 11 am–5 pm
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This event is in the past.
  • Oct 6, 2018–Feb 3, 2019, Tuesdays–Sundays