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Cough, Grime, Serial Hawk, Isenordal

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Highline Capitol Hill
Thurs May 17, 9 pm 21+


Recommended by Brian Cook

There hasn’t been as big of a motivation for reefed heshers to get off the couch in recent years as the Sleep album that dropped on 4/20, but anyone pining in the interim between Dopesmoker and The Sciences for pyroclastic flows of sludgy guitars pouring out of PA-punishing amps should have been spending some quality time with Richmond’s Cough. Their most recent album, 2016’s Still They Pray, vacillates between troglodyte low-end hammering and third-eye cosmic voyages with the portal-opening power of all the stoner-doom greats. With a half-decade gap between their last two albums, Cough don’t buck any notions of pothead industriousness, so don’t dose yourself into decommission tonight.

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This event is in the past.
  • Thurs May 17, 9 pm