Temple Grandin: Calling All Minds

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University Temple United Methodist Church University District
Fri June 1, 7 pm


Recommended by Katie Herzog

Temple Grandin is best known for her work as an animal behaviorist and inventor. She is the creator of the “squeeze machine,” a device that helps calm people with autism. In her new book, Calling All Minds: How to Think and Create Like an Inventor, Grandin turns her to attention to other people's innovations, from Velcro to television to things that float, fly, and confound the mind. But this book is no mere history: Grandin also gives blueprints for readers to create things on their own—it is part memoir, part encyclopedia, and part how-to. Grandin will be reading from her book and hopefully talking about some inventions of her own.

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Event Times
  • Fri June 1, 7 pm