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David Cross: Oh Come On

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Moore Theatre Belltown
Fri June 29, 2018, 8 pm All Ages


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Recommended by Dave Segal

Renowned for his appearances on the cult sketch comedy series Mr. Show and the sitcom Arrested Development (as hapless schmuck Tobias Fünke), David Cross has turned befuddlement and exasperation into an art form. In his stand-up act, Cross excels at skewering political hypocrisy, especially that from conservatives (e.g., Christians’ unyielding repudiation of universal health care, the absurdity of the war on terror). Hearing Cross delineate the follies and hypocrisies of religion in his folksy manner is endlessly entertaining—unless you’re a humorless fundamentalist (is that redundant?). “I do love the Bible. It’s a treasure trove of chuckles… literally the world’s oldest game of Telephone.”

Moore Theatre

1932 Second Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

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This event is in the past.
  • Fri June 29, 2018, 8 pm