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Garbage, Rituals of Mine

20 Years Paranoid Tour


Showbox Sodo Sodo
Sat Sept 29, 8:30 pm 21+

$45/$50 (sold out)

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Recommended by Andrew Hamlin

I interviewed Shirley Manson in 2015, and she said she can still kill a party completely by walking into it. (I’m still struggling to believe it.) She also said that their latest album had four possible titles. I don’t know who came up with the title Strange Little Birds, but it’s apparently the band’s nickname for weird fan letters. Aside from the pro forma single “Empty,” much of the album comes off a bit less sounds-in-a-vacuum and a bit more desperate, a bit more hesitant about actually interacting with the world. Just a bit. It’s not like the signature sound’s gone. But that surface slickness sounds worn away in places, like a perimeter breached, honest strong emotions deciding on fight and/or flight.

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Showbox Sodo

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This event is in the past.
  • Sat Sept 29, 8:30 pm