Gosha Levochkin: Overworshipped

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Treason Gallery Pioneer Square
May 3–June 2, Thursdays–Saturdays, 12–6 pm


Recommended by Joule Zelman

In this series, Gosha Levochkin features string-cheese-like characters with big boots, tall hats, and wide eyes who find themselves in inexplicable predicaments. New York–based, Moscow-born Levochkin paints them in gouache and watercolor, following the ligne clair (Tintin) tradition with bold colors, even lines, and no hatching. They evoke classic 2-D animation (Levochkin worked in a Korean animation studio for seven years), outsider art, and surrealism. The pictures seem like panels in a never-ending comic book, or stills from a maniacal Nickelodeon cartoon that probably shouldn't be shown to kids. In one, a stringy-person takes a selfie with a noose around its shapeless neck, rump, pertly out-thrust, as a tiny alien rides its back. It sounds like satire, but the effect is even weirder, as if whimsical imaginary friends from childhood had come of age in a hellscape.

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Treason Gallery

319 Third Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
Hours: Thursday-Saturday: 12-6pm
Tuesday-Wednesday by appointment


Venue Hours
  • Thursday-Saturday: 12-6pm
    Tuesday-Wednesday by appointment
Event Times
  • May 3–June 2, Thursdays–Saturdays, 12–6 pm