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Lindy West, Kate Durbin, Stacey Tran

Gramma Reading Series 1

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Erickson Theatre Off Broadway Capitol Hill
Sat June 23, 7 pm

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Recommended by Rich Smith

You all know by now that New York Times columnist (and former Stranger staff writer) Lindy West is the funniest and most incisive feminist with 1,200 words due twice a month, but you might not know the other two insanely good writers supporting her on this bill. Writer and performance artist Kate Durbin, who's often the most neon-colored entity in the room, literally wears her obsession with American and international pop culture on her sleeves. (I once saw a photo of her in a Disney princess dress composed of drawings of Disney princesses in dresses.) Stacey Tran's debut book of poems, Soap for the Dogs, is a spare and gorgeous look at family history and food. Her "Fake Haiku" series is great, and the last few lines of the title poem punch me in the gut every time she reads it. This reading kicks off Gramma Poetry's quarterly series, which pairs national writers with local talent. You'll want to keep up with this one.

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Erickson Theatre Off Broadway

1524 Harvard Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

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This event is in the past.
  • Sat June 23, 7 pm