Mike Dillon Band, Zony Mash

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The Royal Room Columbia City
Fri Aug 17, 7:30 pm, 10 pm 21+


Kelly O

Recommended by Leilani Polk

Traditionalist jazz heads, beware: You could call what Mike Dillon does “jazz” in the broadest sense of the term—there are grooves, there are rhythms, and there are vibes. But Dillon is a percussive force of nature, not content to remain within the genre lines. In fact, the longer he’s played, the weirder his music has become. He grunts, howls, murmurs in a devilish growl, groans, bellows, and pretty much creates a musical ruckus while playing drums and vibraphone, sometimes both at once, in firm and calculated strokes or full-on crashing and banging modes. The music that issues forth is a punk-caked, metal-shredded, post-jazz explosion with Dillon’s own added salt and vinegar. He’s a fucking beast, and a must-see.

Late show tickets can be purchased here.

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The Royal Room

5000 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
Hours: Open daily till 1:30 am

Venue Hours
  • Open daily till 1:30 am
Event Times
  • Fri Aug 17, 7:30 pm, 10 pm