Lea Bertucci, Chloe Alexandra Thompson

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Chapel Performance Space Wallingford
Fri July 27, 8 pm All Ages


Recommended by Dave Segal

Lea Bertucci is a NYC-based sound artist/composer with a keen ear for what makes minimalism compelling. Her Bandcamp bio says her work "bridges performance, installation, and multichannel activations of acoustic space,” so chances are her rigorous compositions will sound amazing in Chapel's acoustically optimal milieu. Bertucci commonly runs woodwind and string instruments through electronic treatments to subtly warp their standard timbres. This process comes to stunning fruition on her 2018 album Metal Aether. Its four tracks foster a hall-of-mirrors, lost-in-infinite-refractions-of-sound feeling, which is a rare and beautiful thing. The piece “Sustain and Dissolve” offers a succinct description of what her mesmerizing music does.

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Chapel Performance Space

4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Event Times
  • Fri July 27, 8 pm