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Grün Wasser, Bloom Offering, Webdriver Torso

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Black Lodge Eastlake
Thurs Sept 13, 9 pm All Ages

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Recommended by AJ Dent

Cynics only: enter a cloud of abnormality with this trio of detractors. Grün Wasser come bearing gifts of worried sounds and whirring synths from Chicago. You know those scenes in horror films where, for one freakish beat, the person’s reflection in the mirror doesn’t match what they’re actually doing? Grün Wasser make music for those moments. The combo of their necropolitical electronica and Bloom Offering’s digital angst will make the evening an especially divine incantation. Completing this trapdoor-filled pyramid are Webdriver Torso, Seattle’s resident neo-industrialists. Their musical misanthropy will deliciously remind you what space-wastes we all are.

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Black Lodge

Ask a punk, seattle, Washington

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Thurs Sept 13, 9 pm