Finnegans Wake


Gallery 1412 Capitol Hill
Sat Sept 15, 8 pm, Sat Oct 6, 8 pm, Sat Oct 20 & Sat Dec 15


Seattle composer, musician, and substitute teacher Neal Kosaly-Meyer will continue his amazing feat of reciting Finnegans Wake from memory, chapter by chapter—as if reading the modernist monster wasn't hard enough. In praise of Kosaly-Meyer's feat, Charles Mudede wrote, "Maybe this is the only way the novel could be saved. It’s not all that amazing to memorize something that everyone understands; it’s very impressive to memorize something understood by only one person, who has been in the grave for many years."

"Chapter 5, this year's premiere, will be presented with the usual theatrical ritual embellishments at Chapel Performance Space on December 15."

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Gallery 1412

1412 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Event Times
  • Sat Sept 15, 8 pm, Sat Oct 6, 8 pm, Sat Oct 20 & Sat Dec 15