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Anna Mlasowsky: Noon


Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) Pioneer Square
Jan 3–Feb 23, Thursdays–Saturdays, 10 am–5 pm


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Recommended by Jasmyne Keimig

At the beginning of January, glass artist Anna Mlasowsky began her residency-style solo exhibition that involves making crystals and inviting the public to help her in creating her beautiful glass objects. And in February, the German artist will be installing the fruits of her labor in the gallery. Taking the title of the show, Noon (the middle ground between night and day), as a jumping-off point, and also using natural materials like glass, water, and salt, Mlasowsky “probes into the opposites in hope to discover balance.” She is the first artist in the gallery’s women-focused 2019 season.

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Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA)

114 Third Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98104
Hours: Thursday-Saturday

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  • Thursday-Saturday
Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Jan 3–Feb 23, Thursdays–Saturdays, 10 am–5 pm