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Matthew Kracht: The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America

University Book Store University District
Thurs April 11, 6 pm


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"Can one be both curious about bird watching, yet also hate birds? Amateur birder Matt Kracht knows the feeling. Birds can be noisy, messy, and utterly bothersome. But Kracht also knows the exhilaration of seeing a new bird for the first time, even if that elation is easily extinguished when the bird wont sit still long enough to be identified, or to be captured by a camera phone. Lets face it, birds are dumbasses at best or real jerks at their worst. But even these simple facts dont stop Kracht from documenting some of North Americas most annoying birds in his new book, The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America.

With its nexus in a failed grade-school attempt to witness an assigned Golden Crowned Kinglet, Matt eventually documented the irritating traits of other birds on his popular Tumblr which resonated with Vice, GQ, and The Verge. Now, Matt collects his angry sketches and disaffected descriptions of 50 birds in a portable guide that amateur birders can use to identify the one whose squawking ruins a relaxing Sunday morning (the Stupid-Ass Stellars Jay) or the one that poops on your hanging laundry (Ass-throated Flycatcher). With migratory maps and tips for birding, plus musings on the avian population and the ethics of birdwatching, having this guide in hand is definitely worth two Great Blue Morons in the bush." (Promo Copy)

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This event is in the past.
  • Thurs April 11, 6 pm