Oliver Nachtwey: Germany's Hidden Crisis

co-presented by Goethe Pop-up; with Niko Switek

Elliott Bay Book Company Capitol Hill
Thurs April 18, 7 pm


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"Movement is not always forward, this at least is what Oliver Nachtwey argues. The young and celebrated German sociologis's thesis on ‘regressive modernization’ – something like how present-day progress hides major retreats – is now spreading beyond his country’s borders. The blame for this regression, Nachtwey believes, lies to a large degree with what he calls ‘poverty in work’, i.e. precarity, which has pulverized the concept of economic prosperity and security, and disrupted historical social equilibriums. Call centres, fast-food outlets, cleaning teams…, processes of downward mobility that this academic, who defines himself as a ‘modern Marxist’, sees as extending to ever more sectors of society." (Promo Copy)

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Elliott Bay Book Company

1521 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Event Times
  • Thurs April 18, 7 pm