The Fifth Annual Boylesque Festival


Triple Door Downtown
April 19–20, 7 pm, 10 pm


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Recommended by Chase Burns

Boylesque is burlesque that has a lot more "boy" in it. Think Chippendales, if Chippendales were queer and the men put sparkly tassels on their butts and occasionally looked hyper-femme. (So, really, it's nothing like Chippendales. Thank God.) Strappy lingerie, gender-bending, sequined crotch pieces, kicks, wieners, flips, and twerking all appear to be promised. The thing features more than 30 performers from across the country, and it tends to sell out, so nab your tickets ASAP if you're looking for extra-creative ways to pull slutty socks off your body parts.


Friday night:
Waxie Moon (Seattle), Isaiah Esquire (Portland OR), Mod Carousel (Seattle), Tigger! (NYC), Johnny Nuriel (Portland OR ), Paris Original (Seattle), Ernie Von Schmaltz (Seattle), Jake Dupree (LA), JD Hickcock (Houston TX), (Seattle), Karmen Sutra (Seattle), Draco Muff Boi (Vancouver CN), Rhode Island Red (Seattle), Indy Fire (Denver), SpICE! (Seattle), Fosse Jack (Seattle), Leo Celeste (Gainesville FL), Beau Briefs (Seattle), & Chandler Svelte (Seattle)!
MC: Shelly Watson

Saturday night: 
Izohnny (Portland, OR), Luminous Pariah (Seattle), Waxie Moon (Seattle) Trojan Original (Seattle), Jake Dupree (LA), Tigger! (NYC), Indy Fire (Denver), Jupiter Everhard (Bozeman MT), Faggedy Randy (Seattle), Midnight Water Fairy(Minneapolis), Moscato Extatique (Seattle), Al Lykya (Seattle) JD Hickcock (Houston TX), Tony Tapito (Seattle), Gabe & Martini (Minneapolis), Matt Knife (NYC), & Rover Suede (Seattle)
MC: Ernie Von Schmaltz

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Triple Door

216 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101

Event Times
  • April 19–20, 7 pm, 10 pm