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Robert Pruitt: The Majesty of Kings Long Dead


Koplin Del Rio Gallery
Aug 1–Sept 28, Tuesdays–Saturdays


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Recommended by Jasmyne Keimig

New York-based artist Robert Pruitt will debut new pieces along with old work at his KDR show. A skilled draftsman, Pruitt combines elements of Afro-futurism, black power, and pop culture to create tender portraits of black people. In his newer portraits, the subjects are rendered in charcoal, sometimes adorned with gold leaf and color, while the white space surrounding the subject is filled in with coffee stains. The coffee gives his subjects a hazy sort of glow, an aura that smells like breakfast, and it ages the paper in such a way that it’s almost as if you’ve stumbled upon an artifact.

Koplin Del Rio Gallery

313 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
Hours: Tues–Sat

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  • Tues–Sat
Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Aug 1–Sept 28, Tuesdays–Saturdays