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Is God Is


12th Avenue Arts Capitol Hill
Sept 6–23, Mondays and Thursdays–Sundays


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Recommended by Rich Smith

All her life, Anaia had dreams about her mother burning in a fire. It was the same fire that burned up her family home, and that disfigured her face and the body of her twin sister, Racine. When the twins reconnect with their estranged mother, whom they call She (and also God), they learn Anaia's dreams are actually memories, and that the fire was no accident. Their father, whose name is Man, deliberately lit She and the children on fire. Now on her deathbed, She has one request of her daughters: Kill Man and everyone around him. The audience learns all of this information in the first 10 minutes of Is God Is, a new play by Aleshea Harris put on by Washington Ensemble Theatre. The next 80 minutes of the show are a funny, bloody, twisty revenge play that's tons of fun to watch.

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This event is in the past.
  • Sept 6–23, Mondays and Thursdays–Sundays