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Timothy White Eagle: The Violet Symphony

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On the Boards Queen Anne
March 19–22, 2020


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Recommended by Rich Smith

To all who have quietly (or quite loudly) judged an addict passed out in a doorway, I encourage you to check out Timothy White Eagle's The Violet Symphony at On the Boards. According to press materials, White Eagle's performance, informed by indigenous ritual, tells the story of Violet, "who died of a drug overdose behind a dumpster the day after Christmas seven years ago." Violet's panhandling "often took on [the] feeling of durational performance art, her creative impulse pushed through addiction and scarcity, or perhaps it was powered by it." By incorporating her movements into this piece, White Eagle resurrects that creative impulse and displays it on the most prestigious stage the city offers. Due to an experimental seating arrangement, OtB isn't selling tickets online, so you'll have to e-mail them at for more info.

On the Boards

100 W Roy St, Seattle, WA 98119

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  • March 19–22, 2020