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Cha Cha Capitol Hill
Fri July 19, 6:45–7:15 pm

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Recommended by Chase Burns

It'll be hard to find a band louder and rowdier than Seattle-based post-hardcore punk makers Actionesse. Self-described as "post-horncore"—which should be a strange enough sell to draw you in—Actionesse boast horns that are often in a delightful screaming match with their howling vocalist. The loudness can get otherworldly. And fun. They once invited The Stranger to one of their house shows, and we saw the lead screamer dive off a piano, splat on the floor, and shout into a blasting trombone. It was transformational. I would not be surprised if they inspired their audience to riot.

Cha Cha

Seattle, WA 98122

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This event is in the past.
  • Fri July 19, 6:45–7:15 pm