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Space Daze, The Very Most, Charles & Ethan from Math And Physics Club, Revel

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Hollow Earth Radio Central District
Fri Aug 16, 8:30 pm All Ages

$7-$15 donation

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Recommended by Dave Segal

Seattle’s Space Daze (aka Danny Rowland) makes hushed, intimate folk-pop reveries that achieve the difficult feat of triggering pleasant thoughts and twinges of melancholy. Rowland’s working within narrow parameters, but in them he generates a frosty warmth with his ASMR-inducing croons and delicately spangling guitar. The 2019 album Too Mystical opens a portal into his misty-morning, pastel-hued songcraft.

Hollow Earth Radio

2018A E Union St, Seattle, Washington 98122

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Fri Aug 16, 8:30 pm