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Neal Kosaly-Meyer: Finnegans Wake

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Chapel Performance Space Wallingford
Sat Dec 14, 7:30 pm


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Recommended by Charles Mudede

James Joyce wrote a novel that almost no reader of English can understand. It's called Finnegans Wake. Throw open any page of the novel, let your eyes fall on the middle of the page, and your command of English, no matter how powerful it is, will be instantly dashed to pieces. People to this day are lost in or still dealing with Finnegans Wake. One such person happens to live in Seattle. His name is Neal Kosaly-Meyer. He is a composer and a pianist. And for the past seven years, he's been performing memorized chapters of the novel at galleries and music halls around the city. "I decided to learn 37 pages a year," said Kosaly-Meyer. "That would be a page a week [with some breaks]. Learning it at that rate, it would take 17 years... I was 54 at this point. This meant I'd be 71 years old when I'm done. No time to fuck around at my age." Kosaly-Meyer is now 61. He's reached the first part of the sixth chapter, which is what he will perform.

Chapel Performance Space

4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

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This event is in the past.
  • Sat Dec 14, 7:30 pm