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Micro Macro Art

Through May 26 at 11 am-5 pm

Smith/Vallee Gallery Out of Town Free

Andrew Rubinstein: Edge of the Universe Art

Thurs-Sat at 10 am-4 pm. Through May 30

ZINC contemporary Pioneer Square Free

Kate Roberts: Walking on Ghosts Art

Mon-Fri. Through May 30

Gallery 4Culture Pioneer Square Free

FORGE Currents 2019 Art

Thurs-Sun. Through May 31


Mount Analogue Pioneer Square Free

Alessandro Gallo: Most of the Time Art

Tues-Sat at 11 am-6 pm. Through May 31

Abmeyer + Wood Downtown Free

Editional Research Art

Mon-Fri at 10 am-4 pm. Through May 31

Pilchuck Seattle Pioneer Square Free

Odd Jelly Out: Introversion Art

Wed-Sun. Through May 31

Fogue Studios & Gallery Georgetown Donations Requested

Prison Art Exhibit Art

May 30-31 at 10 am-3 pm

Husky Union Building University District Free

Hiba Jameel: Psychosomatic Art

May 4–end of May

A/NT Gallery Seattle Center Free

May Flowers Art

May 2–end of May

Statix Pioneer Square Free

M R McDonald: For Years I Lived In Dreams Art

Thurs-Sat, 12-5 pm. Through June 2

Gallery 110 Pioneer Square Free

Sally Ketcham: Pieced Together: Art

Thurs-Sat, 12-5 pm. Through June 2

Gallery 110 Pioneer Square Free

Kurt Solmssen Art

Tues-Sat. Through June 2

Linda Hodges Gallery Pioneer Square Free

Albert de Belleroche: The Lithography of Belle Epoque Art

Tues-Sat at 11 am-5:30 pm. Through June 1

Davidson Galleries Pioneer Square Free

Darren Waterston: Vistas Art

Tues-Sat. Through June 1

Greg Kucera Gallery Pioneer Square Free

Coiffed Art

Thurs-Sun, 12-5 pm. Through June 1

SOIL Pioneer Square Free

Wylee Risso Art

Tues-Sat at 10:30 am-5 pm. Through June 1

Linda Hodges Gallery Pioneer Square Free

Elise Wagner: Divergence Art

Tues-Sat at 10 am-6 pm. Through June 2

Frederick Holmes and Company Pioneer Square Free
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