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Woodland Park Zoo's Tasting Flight presented by Delta Air Lines

Piss Drunks, Bristle, Chicken, Corporate Sluts, Millhous, The Stuntmen, Lucky Boys, 187, Well Hung Over, Narcoptic, Me Infecto, Quisp, Monty Banks, Steve Mitchel Music

El Corazón Eastlake $10/$12

Lovely Colours, Waterfronts, Bath Toys Music

All Ages

El Corazón Eastlake $10/$12

Steven Curtis, Designer Disguise, Cashing In Karma, Kris Vs Tim, Left Side of the Radio, The Sooner The Better Music

All Ages

El Corazón Eastlake $10/$12

Traitors, Signs of the Swarm, Distinguisher, Dismembering Mary, 2KLIX, Vultures Above Us Music

All Ages

El Corazón Eastlake $14/$16

Todd Barry: 30th Anniversary Crowd Work Tour Comedy

El Corazón Eastlake $20–$22

DJ Quik & Suga Free, HI-C, Neema Music

El Corazón Eastlake $29.50/$35

Your Complete Guide to Capitol Hill Block Party 2018

OTEP, Dropout Kings, Ragdoll Sunday, Darklight Music

All Ages

El Corazón Eastlake $17/$20

Sans Peter, Fortress of the Bear, Cherry Boy Music

All Ages

El Corazón Eastlake $10/$12

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