All Art Events on Thursday 4/19

Yael Zahavey-Mittelman: Self-Portrait in Abstract Art

Gallery 110 Pioneer Square Free

Alfredo Arreguin Art

Linda Hodges Gallery Pioneer Square Free

Karen Kosoglad: Line and Figure Art

Harris Harvey Gallery Downtown Free

Contract/Release Art

SOIL Pioneer Square Free

Spring Art Exhibition Art

Bryan Ohno Gallery Chinatown-International District Free

Kenny Harris: Paintings Art

Prographica / KDR Pioneer Square Free

Bradly Gunn: At Your Discretion Art

SOIL Pioneer Square Free

Michael Spafford: Epic Prints Art

Davidson Galleries Pioneer Square Free

Color Field Painters Championed by Clement Greenberg Art

Frederick Holmes and Company Pioneer Square Free

Cynthia Linet: History of Erotica Art

A/NT Gallery Seattle Center Free

Topophilia, 2018 Emerging Curator Initiative Art

Kirkland Arts Center Eastside

Seattle ReCreative: Earthwise Art Art

A/NT Gallery Seattle Center Free

Hilda Bordianu and Marius Tunduc Art

Parklane Gallery Eastside Free

Rik Garrett: Wonders of the Unseen World Art

Mortlake & Company Pioneer Square Free

Year of Remembrance: Glimpses of a Forever Foreigner Art

Wing Luke Museum Chinatown-International District $17

Holly Ballard Martz Art

The Art Project Out of Town Free

Bloom Art

Smith/Vallee Gallery Out of Town Free

Anne Siems: To Shed Art

Patricia Rovzar Gallery Downtown Free

Big Cloud Holding Still: 2016/17 WITS Broadsides Collection Art

Jack Straw Cultural Center University District Free

In Danger: Fragile Ecosystems Art

Vetri International Glass Pioneer Square Free

Claudia Smith: Winter Bones Art

Peter Miller Books Downtown Free

Living Cultures Art

Central Library Downtown Free

Art in a Pickle Barn Art

Azusa Farm Out of Town Free

High Art: Luis Vela and Adrian Estrada Art

Vela Sodo Free

Theoria Gallery: Gordon Wood Art

Praxis Arts Georgetown Free

The Wheel of re-Creation Art

AXIS Pioneer Square Pioneer Square Free

Joshua Simmons & Friends Art

Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery Georgetown Free

Building Blocks: Storefront Studio on Mainstreet Art

Gould Gallery University District Free

New Introductions Art

Vermillion Capitol Hill Free

Exotics@ACM: Seductive Super Cars Geek & Gaming

LeMay: America's Car Museum Tacoma $18

  • 31-60 of 173 on 4/19

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