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Capitol Hill Block Party 2018 is just around the corner, July 20-22. Get your tickets!


The Cave Singers


The Alley at Under the Block Party: Benefit for NWIRP @Capitol Cider

Aggression, Guests Music

Club Sur Sodo $17+

Wildspeaker, Breag Naofa, Wake Of Humanity Music

Highline Capitol Hill $8/$10

Melvins Music

All Ages

Neumos Capitol Hill $30 (sold Out)

Noise Brigade, Right On Kid, Hard To Hit Music

All Ages

The Funhouse Eastlake $10/$12

Decide Today, Control Test, Collin Strange, Profit Prison Music

All Ages

Black Lodge Eastlake $5-$10

Big Ups, Scarves, Proofs Music

All Ages

Vera Project Seattle Center $8/$10

The 36 Best Music Shows in Seattle This Week

The Morning After Capitol Hill Block Party

Barboza Capitol Hill

The Black Tones Capitol Hill Block Party

Barboza Capitol Hill

That Block Party Costs Too Much Music

Substation Ballard $8

Wax Chattels Music

Highline Capitol Hill $10/$12

The English Beat Music

The Showbox Downtown $22/$25

Phinehas, Earth Groans, Variants, SixTwoSeven, Clay City Music

All Ages

El Corazón Eastlake $12/$14

Dreadful Children, White City Graves, BUGS, The Mean Street Meanie Music

Darrell's Tavern North of Seattle $10

Rest, Repose, Drewsif Stalin, For The Likes of You, Vespera, As Pillars Fall, She Thinks I'm Alex Music

All Ages

The Funhouse Eastlake $12/$15

Pustulous, Goon, Al Gore, Bummer, Seizure Music

All Ages

Lucky Liquor Out of Town $5

Jake's Meadow, Silky Sam, Nails Hide Metal, Deadbeat Blackout Music

Tim's Tavern Greenwood $7

Skelator, Expain, Substratum, Xoth Music

The Kraken Bar & Lounge University District $8

Negative Approach, Mystic Priestess, Medusa Stare, Blood Mouse, DJ World Funeral Music

Highline Capitol Hill $10/$12

Piss Drunks, Bristle, Chicken, Corporate Sluts, Millhous, The Stuntmen, Lucky Boys, 187, Well Hung Over, Narcoptic, Me Infecto, Quisp, Monty Banks, Steve Mitchel Music

El Corazón Eastlake $10/$12

Sebastian Bach Party 2018 Music

Chop Suey Capitol Hill $6.66

Steal Shit Do Drugs Capitol Hill Block Party

Cha Cha Lounge Capitol Hill

Exmortus, The Absence, Hatcher, Aethere, Wolf King Music

All Ages

Club Sur Sodo $13/$17

Suicide Forest, Isenordal, Vouna, Ox Hunger Music

Highline Capitol Hill $10/$12

Trochee Trochee, Evergreen Shakers, Rat Queen, The Worries Music

Victory Lounge Eastlake $5/$8

Rise Up Belltown: Sounds of Belltown Music

First & Bell Belltown $10

Mournful Congregation, Bell Witch, Mortiferum Music

Highline Capitol Hill $15/$18

Graveshadow, Mark of a Modern Man Music

All Ages

The Funhouse Eastlake $10/$12

Naomi Punk, Dreamdecay, Casual Hex, So Pitted Music

All Ages

Everyday Music Capitol Hill Free

Abney Park’s Steam Swing Summer Soirée Music

Club Sur Sodo $20-$200

Year of the Cobra, Witch Ripper, Hex Rays Music

The Funhouse Eastlake $8/$10

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