Extras Dec 15, 2005 at 4:00 am


Wow i cant believe it...like dude how cant yu kno if yu was either doing the couch or the gurl...im mean yu dont feel wetness frm the couch yu feel coldness from the midddle of the cushions...i would not of even posted that dude...thats seroiusly embarrassing...if i was the girl i wuld of recorded yu then laughed in yo face...LOL !?!
One bad comment?

I was 15, drunk in my friends trailer after a party. When I think about it now, idk if its more inappropriate that her parents could hear it all, maybe see the shadow, or that this girl is just a total asshole and always was and got to have sex with me.

Im bi and glad the first sex I had was the symetrical kind. Neither of us knew if there was something we were "supposed" to be doing. Im 18 now and Ive had the potentially babymaking kind of sex with a dude, but before that men and women would insist that I was still a virgin, inlcuding the guy I guess I finally lost the last of it to. or something.

Isn't that ridiculous that vaginal/penis sex is the only kind considered real? Funny.
Wow, this and the actual original post makes me feel much better about losing my virginity at 23 (without tragedy). Thank you all for sharing so candidly.
Ok the guy wit 'd couch fuckin I mean seriously are u 4 real? What exactly did u feel or shud I even ask! Ok dear well I guess dis one takes the cake hp u aim for the hole nex time
lmao u offered her cookies? xD hell naw

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