Here is the very nearly complete transcript of Woman Enjoys Tag Teaming’s online chat with Guy Turned Bi. Enjoy.

GTB: Hi there, nice profile… what do you think of bi guys?

WETT: one moment please, checking out your profile…

WETT: What the hell? You’re in [name of city redacted]! What am I to do with a guy, bi or otherwise, thousands of miles away?

GTB: no worries, I am in [name of city redacted] until September, thats why I did a search.

GTB: Are you single?

WETT: Yes, and I like bi guys.

GTB: Cool, I was just turned bi and am adjusting to it.

WETT: What do you mean, you were “just turned” bi?

GTB: Well

GTB: I was alone on an overnight train ride and a guy approached me, overpowered me and dragged me into a sleeping compartment. By the time I came to, he was already well underway working on me.

WETT: and?

GTB: and after a couple hours I just gave in.

WETT: so you got raped by a guy. that doesn’t make you bi. what do you mean, “after a couple hours”? you were actually fighting him off for TWO HOURS?

WETT: you sound like a screwed up straight guy.

GTB: Couldn’t really fight, he had me immobilized. But I was resisting him the whole time. When I stopped resisting he picked up on it right away and took steps to turn me permently bi

WETT: didn’t know that could be done. what were those steps?

GTB: when I gave into him he became a lot less forceful and started using the time that was on his side.

GTB: he worked deeper and deeper into me

GTB: at which point he simply said, “look down.” and what I saw was shockign

WETT: I wait with baited breath

GTB: I could see he entered me far enough so that his balls were slowly and solidly swinging into my own

GTB: they felt heavy and at that point I started losing control

GTB: he just reached around, took hold of the base of my cock and started milking me

GTB: then he made me come very intensely

WETT: and you haven’t been the same since?

GTB: it’s what he did last that changed me

WETT: do tell.

GTB: he let go of me, released me. I could have ran at that point but he just asked me to sit at the edge of the seat.

GTB: he was stroking himself as he rose up an stood in front of me. all he had to say was, “open,” and I did

GTB: Then he let go and shot right into my mouth

WETT: and he’d just been in your butt. Ewwwww. I hope he ahad been using a condom up there?

GTB: he told me not to swallow any and hold it in my mouth for as long as a could.

GTB: my mouth was completely full and after about 4 or 5 minutes it felt surprisingly comfortable

GTB: that’s pretty much when I knew

WETT: so… is this your usual pick=up line?

GTB: not at all.

WETT: and what brings you to [name of city redacted]?

GTB: work

GTB: I’m a computer consultant

WETT: have you renewed your contacts with other men?

GTB: no

WETT: why not?

GTB: had to figure out some things I suppose. At this point I realize I need to find a woman that is ok with my bi side or even better encourage it fully.

WETT: I’ve always envied by people. They have twice the prospects, twice the playing field, twice the experiences as straight or gay people.

WETT: sorry, envied “bi” people, not “by” people

GTB: would you do a threesome with two guys?

WETT: yes

GTB: how about on a fairly regular basis?

WETT: if I liked it, why not?

GTB: Could be fun

GTB: do you consider yourself to be a sexual person?

WETT: yes

GTB: same here. when was the last time you had sex?

WETT: I claim the fifth. When did this train experience supposedly happen?

GTB: no claims, share with me

WETT: so you haven’t had sex with another man since then, haven’t explored it, and al of a sudden you want to do a threesome?

GTB: yep

WETT: this must have been a pretty big guy for him to overpower you. you look kind of big yourself.

GTB: I’m about 5’10”

GTB: 170

GTB: he was aout 6’4” 220

WETT: you look bigger than that

WETT: what are your other dimensions?

GTB: ?

WETT: so you don’t have any emotional scars from your rape experience?

GTB: shame at first

GTB: which over time gave way to desire

WETT: so why do you still bother with women?

GTB: I prefer women

GTB: but have been taught to surrender to a thick cock ever now and then

WETT: no, I think you’re gay and like titillating women

WETT: nice fantasy, by the way

GTB: ?

WETT: it gives me much-needed new material for when I go to bed at night

WETT: I always liked gay porn

GTB: haven’t really seen a lot of it but watching it with you would be hot

WETT: So what’s your name

GTB: [redacted] and you

WETT: [redacted]

GTB: very nice

WETT: are you also under M4M?

GTB: no

WETT: have you had a look?

GTB: I’m more interested in finding a female partner I can share with