Bought this in NYC with no cash, Seattle. Charles Mudede



What of they just pay more for comfortable clothes, couldn't that convey status and therefore style?


Obviously you need to buy comfortable clothes with an insignia or logo that implies wealth or status, which can be easily forged, because all fashion is an anti-Earth attempt to increase climate change anyway.

Oh, and that includes your shoes.


If he didn't know "Baby Got Back" you should have started rapping the main chorus. Either he would have understood, or it would have been really funny. Or both. Posse on Broadway is my favorite of his songs. It is fun to enjoy the local references. Baby Got Back was a much bigger hit though.

Back in the day I would mention Jimi Hendrix as proof that Seattle has Black people. It doesn't hurt to mention that our mayor is Black as well (half Asian) and he isn't our first Black mayor.


after three years
among the oversexied
bodies and threads
prevalent in SoCal
it was such a joy seeing
average looking people here
on the streets of Pugetopolis
upon returning to these fair shores!



Dunno what your problem is but my Norf Ace jacket gets me more ass than a toilet seat.


When someone asks "You him?!?" the only correct response is "Yes, I am Sir Mix-a-lot".


@ More like Sir Marx-a-lot. Whammo!


@6, Sorry I got excited and came (to the post comment button) too soon.


hardly Worth It anymore
ripping the Carhartt off
& sewing it onto my
Goodwills but if it
helps keep the
MAGAts away
then totes
Worth it.


Ten years ago, I returned to New York for a family visit. We took Mom to see “War Horse” and dined opulently beforehand. Blazer and tie were both still required at the Midtown restaurant, but I was one of the few men wearing a phalllic noose to the theater; many didn’t even wear jackets there anymore. It was a shock at first, but I did find it liberating. New York’s always-humid, often-hot climate does not well reward extra layers; at least, not as well as Seattle’s cool, wet climate often does.

Don Draper died a long time ago, apparently.

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