Features Oct 28, 2004 at 4:00 am

A Do-It-Yourself Guide to This Season's Quickest, Least Expensive, and Spooky-Ookiest Halloween Costumes


This isn't even funny!
I've never wanted to be Nadar as badly as I do right now.
this is the worst costumes in the entire world.
this is the first time i need to puke because of a picture.
all of this shit is gay!
i bet all those kids already kill cats and puppies underneath grandmas porch - what a stupid idea for childrens costumes, i am dubmber for having been directed to this site
you are awared no points, you fail .
i thought it was pretty funny.
Abu Gharib is not something to joke about and CERTAINLY not something you should be dressing your young child up in (in fact, no one should be dressing up like that in the first place). Would you dress your child up as a holocaust victim?
they're freakin' JOKES people, they're a million times funnier because of the cute little kids!
Here's a suggestion for some of you to type into a search engine (only those of you who are freaking out and saying "Oh my god not funny!")
First, type in "joke"...you may get a definition.
Next, try "how to develop a sense of humor".
Finally type in "how to avoid being a humorless dumbass".
Of course, you shouldn't dress your children up in any of these costumes. That's how satire works. It's ironic humor. It's funny exactly because you really should NOT do any of this.
fugggggging hilarious!
this is amazing
LMFAO even more so that someone took it seriously. You must be related to my wife just no sense of humor.
Stood the test of time.
Love seeing the kid's faces when they wear Halloween Costumes? Funny! cheap Halloween costumes

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