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With Bestiality About to Become a Felony in Washington State, Charles Mudede Looks Back at the Crime that Shocked the World

As originally printed, 2-23-06


That was an awesome read thank you.
Dude whats the protocol for horse fucking ? I mean are you easy if you kiss on the first date ? And who brings the condoms you or the horse.

Leave ot yo a Boeing guy to park a 747 in a one-car garage!!
I am disturbed but yet SO curious about this man. I heard about him recently and watched his video for the first time just a few days ago. I just want to know, at what point in his seemingly "normal" life did he cross over to the other side and "corssed the line"?
When I 1st saw the video, I got sick to my stomach. Then, I just wanted to know more. This article was a great read. However, I want to know more details about him and the life he lead. Was he gay? Was he ever really into women? What was his favorite food. HOW did he come about this and when? WHY horses? What were his last thoughts? Is he proud?
So many questions and no answers...

I enjoyed your writing. Please keep on...

LoL - and SaD too. Excellent writing, kinda makes me want to fuck a horse. Alas, now that its illegal, I shall never have the opportunity.
that was one crazy funny farm, but not "ha ha" funny, no?
Usually I have no problem voicing an insight or opinion. In this case I simply do not feel qualified to judge. Difference strokes, as they say. My real concern is for the creatures. I know a poodle once who exhibited a real enthusiasm for what comes naturally to dogs. But are critters supposed to start worrying if we take their unconditional love the wrong way? Isn't it up to humans to do the right thing compassion-wise? After a second or two of delighted laughter at his cuteness, I made him stop licking my toes because it struck me as being unseemly plus it tickled like the dickens. Guys, seriously, it's just not quite appropriate, is it.
So doing Bestiality and filming the act are illegal in Washington State-what about downloading it?Is it against the law to save Bestiality off the internet in Washington State?
A very good read, thoroughly enjoyed it.
I think I learned a little more about Pinyan by reading this article. I am aware that he had a very private life. It's unfortunate that his death was so public and humiliating in a way. I mean, who would want ANYONE to know that you used to engage in sexual acts with your NEIGHBORS' horses AND that there are tapes with you on them AND that that's what killed you? It kinda sucks. But, at the same time, what's done in the dark comes to the light eventually, and also if it hadn't, then people would still be allowed to screw animals there. What's more effed up, is the fact that his friends ANONYMOUSLY dropped him off at the hospital, in a wheel chair, already dead. They knee they had fucked up to begin with. I also heard that he had been married with kids at some point but there was a divorce. Don't know how true that is, but if he was ever married and they divorced because of her finding out that he was scewinh horses, can you really blame her? Its one thing if your husband cheats on you with another woman or even another man, but a HORSE? Wow. I still have not seen that video, but I have heard the audio while watching YouTube reactions, and man, it does NOT sound good at all. It must've been very painful to do what he did. Anyway, I hope that people will see why you SHOULDN'T do animals, ESPECIALLY horses. Good grief.
I have seen the video which already says enough about myself. My friend asked me if I wanted to see something really disgusting and I said yes...I now regret I had. I was instantly horrified by what I saw, and became sick to my stomach. Most of that sickness came from a feeling of remorse that I had for viewing a man's death...and in such a horrible way. Now, I find my self enthralled with how this ever came to be.
Yes I am guilty of visiting such sites as "rotten" or other like sites that are, i admit, very gruesome & in a sense takes a somewhat deranged mind to be even be curious about that stuff. It truly is desensitizing.
It's the sort of desensitization that allows us to hear about this stuff and laugh and make jokes, partly because it's just easier to deal with that way, and partly because it helps us accept it as a normal curiosity. Well, this is one curiosity that I will not accept. Bestiality is not natural or normal or fair to any animal that may become victimized by humans. It doesn't matter whether the animal is not being harmed or not. The animals have no choice, and that is being victimized. If you molest a child and the child doesn't know the difference is that any different. C'mon! at what point do we stop and really think about where we draw the line?
I think it is sad that this man for whatever reason felt the need, or experienced something in his life, that drew him to this lifestyle. And even more I feel bad that he had to leave this life in such a horrible way, alone.
Everyone is right. It's wrong if a horse or dog mounts you, you are abusing the horse or dog because they can't consent. This is why we should ban sex between horses or dogs; additionally, we should resume doing only what is "natural" and "not abusive," that is, taking animals to slaughterhouses, blasting a bolt through their foreheads to (usually) stun them, stringing them up by their ankles to be cut apart and eating their carcasses, poop contaminated or not.

Seriously--the horses weren't being hurt, and if I were one, I'd probably rather fuck a guy than have him ride my ass all over some dangerous course where I might break my ankle and get put down. If the law wants to intercede, then they should have a reason--I guess risk to participants, rather than the only thing that's actually going on: the yuck factor. Do we want laws banning scat and diaper fetishes? Or disgusting foods?

There are members of the "pony play" fetish group at Wet Spot who also have sex with real horses. No joke.
Amusing as ever, Charles. I only hope that one day Enumclaw will shake the rep. Seem like good people.
He didnt die from the fucking;that is horse packing all his meat in, he handled fine,lots of pre-lub juices from the horse.Then mistake,at full penatration now fully errect,his tip flairs,pluging this deep hole.Now what caused his death; horse climax's sealed in a stretched,thin tube of fleash,preasure and volume of horses delivery,ruptered the anal walls,and bled on inside. that deep he couldnt handle the amount of fluid and pipe split.for several years he was fucked by horses,they were limited on depth,at 12-14 inched he handles any horse cum easy .there the flaired tip and load pumped in expands the place where normally waste packs,clumps to form normal sized shit.he could have take a gallon of cum there.where it was actually delivered was maxed out by the invading shaft,if a human dick was that long and climaxed that deep in him he still would have bled,not die.not enough volume of cum pumped in to tear walls
That any of you defend sexual acts with animals - any animal other than one of your own kind (human)- I can't wrap my head around it!!
That any of you defend sexual acts with animals - any animal other than one of your own kind (human)- I can't wrap my head around it!!
If horses are useless besides pleasure riding. Then how do you explain people who make a living from owning, riding, and competing with these animals. I disagree with what these men did, but I'm also offended that you basically called our horses pricey ornaments. You've been grossly misinformed of the equestrian world.
These cases are more common than anyone cares to believe. I read this disturbing article about a study performed in the 1940s in which Kinsey asked 20,000 Americans about their sex lives. He discovered that 8% of males and 3.5% of females admitted having sex with an animal. But when he gave the test to men from rural areas, the numbers shot up to 50%. Now we have DOUGLAS SPINK (yes, any man who boinks a bronco deserves all caps) up in Whatcom County luring zoophilic tourists to taboo territory. Aren't there behavioral clues to this type of bangtail BS? I remember hearing about a guy in South Carolina who went to prison for doing a horse and when he got out he revisited his hoof habits at the Lazy B Stables and did the same horse again...which only goes to show that Mr. Ed's theme song is false...A horse is not a horse of course of course. Okay, so here is my question...I know someone is going to call me a perv, but what does it take to make a horse excited? Do they hook him up to something or let him watch National Velvet? Maybe lock him in his stall with Winner Circle photos? I just don't get this whole sordid thing, but am very glad a law is coming to the rescue.
Great article, and even, mostly, great comments--although I take issue with the one with two words "fucking homosexuals." Apparently the writer does know what fucking means, but the concept of the word homo-sexual is beyond his or her grasp.

Anyway I would like reinforce any point that banning sex with animals is fine, if too bad its necessary, but then in so many ways we abuse them--do they consent to be ridden? Do they consent to be paraded? Do animals consent to be food?
Boeing employee parks B-52 in Piper Cub hangar? What do you expect?
DAMND dat vid wuz 2 wild 4 me....datz 2 much dick 4 a human being 2 b tryin 2 take!!!! Esp in da ass!! 2 bad dude had 2 find out da hard way!! RIP Pinyan. :~(
Worse yet, Tait moved to Tenessee where he was caught AGAIN. According to dreamindemon.com, "Tennessee is taking the latest situation a little more seriously and have slapped three charges of animal cruelty on Tait for what they found happened at Double Branch Road farm over the past several months after receiving a tip from a concerned citizen." He is now sitting in jail on a $125,000 bond.

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Apparently they're now going to outlaw engaging in bondage with the corpse of an animal. I think they're flogging a dead horse.
What is "consent" with animals ?
Does a horse "consent" to be turned into food like this :

Check this *legal* video of some *legal* fun !

Consent ?
What is "consent" ??... seriously....
I think all the rules comes from God but it so sad that most of it is not followed as people not respecting themselves and are willing to do anything at any extent. Dentist NYC
Funny as fuck. It's an interesting debate. Like most people my reaction is "ew yuck" but should it be illegal? I guess I'm on the animal cruelty view because they can't consent but woah, great article. And props for the "flogging a dead horse" joke. Genius.
"'Sexual contact' means any contact, however slight, between the sex organ or anus of a person and the sex organ, mouth, or anus of any animal, or any intrusion, however slight, of any part of the body of the person into the sex organ or anus of an animal, for the purpose of sexual gratification or arousal of the person. Evidence of emission of semen is not required to prove sexual contact."

So....let me get this straight. It's still OK to collect semen & perform artificial insemination on livestock & pets...as long as one doesn't *enjoy* it?? Is that right?
I never knew that there was no law against it here. Too bad they enacted it too late to punish the survivors involved in it.

Animals cannot speak for themselves, and in such things like this, it would be impossible to say on a case by case basis what is sexual assault and what isn't, I personally think it's just wrong, but since sexual function is a physical reaction and there is little control over it, so making it against the law is only logical.

@30 Seriously, you have issues.

If people want to do this in private then I have no problem with it. The horse or dog or whatever must be the willing penetrator and it must be in private, that's my only rule. Now that the state of Washington has passed this law, I presume the local tax payer is prepared to fund the police patrols that will be required to visit all the barns and stables throughout the state on a nightly basis just to make sure everyone is tucked up in bed with their cocoa. Oh, and I almost forgot, the police will need to take a middle aged blue stocking (frigid woman) with them to keep an eye open for any other hanky panky. In England during the Victorian age Farm boys used to go with dogs when they wanted a little vice a versa. I don't have any problem with that either.
Washington State looks grim indeed.
It breaks my heart how sick the world has become; it really does. That people would actually defend such activity. Not even five or so years ago, I was on a forum talking about increasing immorality and lawlessness, and how far the boundaries are being pushed in the name of human rights. EVERYONE on the forum absolutely mocked me for saying that with the way we're headed in society, eventually people will start defending bestiality.... well here we are.... already. If you desire to have sex with an animal, you're sick and you need help, please get some. :(

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