Red Scare

Washington State wants Obama. So why doesn't it love the rest of the Democratic ticket?


Democrats, don't sit and expect your party to win (which might be what happened in the last presidential vote). We must act like we are behind and vote, and democratic across the board. Do it people!
I lean towards almost everything Democratic. However, Gregoire just doesn't seem like a great leader. She hasn't done anything about transportation issues in 4 years (Viaduct!!!!), looked terrible during the Sonics debacle, and her ads just seem to make a bunch of empty promises.

I think this is why Rossi actually seems like the lesser of two evils to a lot of people. Even some Democrats.

I wish there was a better choice!
Eli, Go out and meet a Republican consultant. There are a few who could have given you insight on this. Christian is great, and seems like a really bright guy, but it would have been nice to hear what the other side had to say about what's going on.
I'm an Obama / Gregoire / Goldman / Reed / McKenna voter. I would only vote a straight ticket if each candidate on that ticket earned my vote.

I'm not thrilled with Gregoire - she just hasn't been an effective leader and hasn't accomplished much of anything that is important to me - but I am voting against Rossi. Better to have an ineffective leader than an effective leader who enacts policies against my interests.

I don't care about the CPL position, so I'm falling back on my "vote out the incumbant" philosophy. Besides, Sutherland seems prone to corruption to me.

Osgood is a freakin nutcase, and Sam Reed hasn't been terrible at his job. He doesn't really have a lot of decision-making power anyhow, most of it is in the hands of the law.

McKenna is awesome -- when he speaks on KUOW's Weekday I'm always pleased by how rational and fair he is. He is also very much bound by law. I don't want a partisan AG, and he has very much demonstrated that he is not partisan, unlike Ladenburg.
I decided a long long time ago I would never vote for a Republican even if the Democrat was a turnip. The last eight years have been a powerful reinforcement of that decision.
Just underscores how terrible Chris "Don't Call me Christine" Gregoire is at campaigning. 2004 should not have been a virtual tie, and she's done nothing to highlight real accomplishments since then. Rossi is running a great campaign, hiding his true real estate salesman sleazeball self behind a smiling family man. I won't vote for him, but would not be surprised in the least if he won. Gregoire is just hoping for Obama coattails to carry her.
Burner is even less qualified than Palin - both are joke candidates. (Darcy: ever hear of the state legislature or even city council? Pick up some chops there before you try to play with the adults.)
Darchy Burner is a re tread - won't work second time around. Running against George Bush has proven to be a blah strategy - running on the side to a depression would have been smarter.

Poor candidate the first time, aging to years has not helped the vintage.

Goldy needs to stick to blogging.

I'm a gay guy, independent and vote for the person, not the party. I'll vote for Obama...not my first choice.. Hillary was. I don't know who I will pick for Gov....I think they are both poor choices.

And sorry've really given me no reason why i should not vote to re-elect Sam Reed and Rob McKenna. Both have done an excellent job so far. I'm not going to vote for any one just based on party affiliation.
I don't believe that the guy who is hiding the fact that he is Republican is going to win in this state. The Republican brand is just too damaged, too closely tied to the record of George W. Bush.

If Gregoire really wants to hit Rossi hard, put up a commercial that just says over and over that Rossi is Republican. It can't be said enough.
Hey NWGayGuy who posted three times in a row...really? You really think that there isn't going to be a difference between Rossi and Gregoire? Wait and see what happens when the religious right nutcases have open and preferred access to the highest official in the state. Watch Rossi starve funds from the population centers of Western WA as payback to the Eastside. Watch any progressive regulation get rolled back. Rossi is worse than Bush, just local.
the best thing voters can hope for is a split of the executive and legislative branches with each party - thereby ensuring nothing get done. Otherwise if one party dominates both branches - they spend like drunken soldiers. When we go through the impending 21st century depression - this will all make sense to y'all.

Read Ravi Battra's books.

I'll give mine to lizard-face rather than slick used car salesman.

PRESIDENT: Obama- this guy is pretty rational and far smarter than most of us, a little too commie sometimes but he should work.

WA Governer: Gregorie- She's inefficent but this state still has nice parks, roads, etc, taxes on gas is high, but overall not too shitty, and much less sleazy than Rossi who has many Special Interests.

Sam Reed and Rob Mckenna for the others they both are capable individuals who do there job.

Burner or Reichart, fuck this hard, Reichart seems like a small town ole' boy sherrif you would hate to ever get pulled over by and Burner is just retarded but not filled with corruption.
I'm voting for Obama and Rossi (and a few other republicans)
I'm one of those who will vote Obama for President but Rossi for Governor.

It is completely disingenuous to say that Washington State's economic troubles aren't a result of Gregoires poor leadership. She is the one who instituted the largest spending increase in state history.

She's also been completely ineffective on the Viaduct issue. The state owns the road. The state was providing the money. If she had one ounce of courage she would have stood up and told Greg Nickels to go to hell, torn down the viaduct and gone with a surface option which most of the voters support, but few of the special interests do.

And she really chapped my hide when she announced she was directing the State Patrol to start random checkpoints on State roads. I guess the 4th Amendment doesn't mean much to her.

And how can anybody possibly make an argument against Sam Reed? He's got 100% integrity, is one of the smartest folks in Olympia leadership and has repeatedly shown the Citizens come first. It takes me longer to decide what to make for dinner than it does to affirm my support for Sam Reed.
given that bush's economic policies have hurt the nation, but you cant blam all of states problems on him. She knew we where headed into a short fall... she new times where getting tougher...and yet she still incresed spending ...and then sadly tried to denie it. She said we had a surplus? She is living in lala land. Rossi will make cuts...and yes cuts hurt, but we need it done.
There is no such thing as Left-wing whackos.
The Left is always correct.
The Left NEVER lies.
The Left is benevolent, caring, all-powerful, and righteous.
Democratic candidates are always law-abiding angels.
Democrats are always 100% ethical, honest, and prudent.
There has never been a bad Democrat, ever.

And if you belive all that, you, too, have a job waiting for you at The Stranger.
I think that votes should be earned, not just given because of the Party a candidate stands behind. My votes are split and it is very difficult to vote democrat across the board when one is spending money like it grows on trees and another thinks that working at Microsoft gives a person enough experience to represent so many different people. It doesn't.
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yea, i'm not really certain what the fascination is with Christian Sinderman. Call a few other people, lots of smart people in Seattle.
why? in a word, Zionism...

If we had honest and objective news media instead of a bunch of bolshevick likudnik assholes spewing crapola propaganda it would be much simpler.

we need better consolidation has made America dumb as rocks, as it has made it much easier for the evil few to control the opinions of the unwashed masses..

oh yea, and there's not a snowballs chance in hell i would vote for that Zio-con gangster Rossi...that guy is a greasy pile of criminal shit
The Clinton Administration got us into this mess at the end of his term. They're the ones that said we should help people that at the time couldn't afford a down payment get homes thinking that companies wouldn't be greedy and take advantage of the situation. I'm not saying that the war hasn't taken its financial toll on the economy but this housing mess was started by democrats. As for Gregoire, she just needs to go, as people want change in the White House so do I in Olympia, its only the insane that think if they do the same thing over and over you'll get a different result.
I posted this in the endorsement thread, but I'll mention it here too:
Rossi will win, and WA will be stronger for it. Checks and Balances are important. If the Clinton-Dems CRA expansion or the Bush-Repubs war are any indications, ANY power left unchecked leads to economic and political disaster. Christine promised a stem cell center, traffic fixes, and a fair and open government. Instead all we got was Indian Casinos getting tax-free sales, a resulting budget out of control, NO stem cell center, and in "interesting" restriction on public card rooms and casinos that tribal casinos don't have to stick to. Gregoire is simply too mired in special interests (including teacher's unions instead of focusing on the CHILDREN) to get my vote. My ballet will seem to be all over the map politically, but it'l all have the same theme... responsible budgeting and fairness.
yep, the reds are on the rise... look out were voting strong this time and Washington will be REPUBLICAN.
I've never agreed with Gregoire and what she stands for is lame. We need a man in charge to make command decisions that affect us in the real world.
Vote Dino Rossi

wtf is wrong with "Steve in Seattle" and "Bothell Matt"? The Dems, Clinton, and the CRA had jackshit to do with the economic crisis. For one, the CRA only covers banks and thrifts, not the mortgage brokers who issued 80% of the subprime loans. For another, the loans issued to be compliant with the CRA actually perform quite well. Pull your heads out of your ass and get edumacated. Dumb fucks.
Good Christians Prioritize;
If you agree with the thoughts conveyed in these messages forward them to as many people and addresses as you can and encourage every contact to do the same. You never know your effort may make a difference in this presidential election!
Good Christians Prioritize;
All voters participating in the 2008 presidential election regardless of any other reason or issue will pronounce or renounce religious convictions. Every vote cast in this 2008 election will enable and promote abortion or it will be a vote to rescue the unborn from all distress. That is an undeniable fact and the plain simple truth. Most Christians identify them self with acts of rescue or protection of the defenseless and helpless from all distress. I have heard and seen Barack Obama and others proclaiming they are Christians. Barack Obama and others should know Christians will never be found with abortion blood on their hands.
I personally don’t know any Christian who hopes to enable or promote abortion as Barack Obama, and his supporters do. As far as I am concerned Barack Obama and other abortion promoters may be two-faced heathens or idiots and fools but no Christian will ever knowingly condone, support, or enable any abomiNation like abortion (America doesn’t want any stinking communist “ObamaNation”). The only things Obama will ever do militarily are surrender or get his self captured. Good luck finding any one to take an order from Commandeer and Chef Barack Obama. God Bless and save the United States of America.
“God Bless and Save Us all”

America and Americans deserve President John McCain! Today, right now, in this moment of all our lives, at this important pivotal juncture in American history, Americans finally have the golden opportunity of a lifetime. This is America’s one best chance to mandate and insure tangibility in truth, honesty, integrity, and moral conduct of our political representatives. Finally at long last a giant golden parachute built in America by Americans for Americans. Finally at long last in arms reach a worthy historical opportunity to bless our descendents with.
American citizen participants of the 2008 presidential election will have a rare historical opportunity to craft and achieve by their vote a consensus to prosecute prevalent corrupt conduct of political representatives. John McCain is the first and the only opportunity Americans have ever had to change the entrenched deviant political nature of Washington politics. John McCain with Governor Sarah Palin is an admirable and terrific means for saving America the cost of standard corruption in Washington. John McCain with Governor Sarah Palin will end conniving corrupt career politicians enriching them self with American prosperity and protection. America and Americans not only owe John McCain for services rendered, America and Americans have earned and deserve President John McCain.
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Now is the time for American’s to restore the great dream that is America. Vote to elect President John McCain and Vice President Sarah Palin. God Bless and save the United States of America.
“God Bless and Save Us all”

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Socialism vs. Capitalism: Which is the Moral System?
Morality is choice behavior;
Stinking communist “ObamaNation” that is no argument or choice! That is pure diluted delusional artificial philosophy.

Political Party Plank:
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God Bless and save the United States of America.
“God Bless and Save Us all”
already voted by overseas ballot. hate gregoire but voted democrat anyway. voted sam reed as usual. i think demos dont quite get the fact they promised to end the war in iraq 2 years ago and did absolutely nothing, and more recently caved in on the so-called "bail-out." i hope pelosi gets kicked out this time in california. what a liar.
Democraps are commies...