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A Sonics Love Story


Your definitely more dedicated than I am to hoops. I LIVE in Portland, and I still can't bring myself to root for them, regardless of all of the Seattle ties. There is too much of a rivalry between the two for me to ignore, and it still hurts too much for me to move on. I won't until we get our damn team back.
I don't know why I just came across this now. I'm a fan of Alexie as well as furious about what happened.

There's only 1 thing I would rebut to Sherman: The love of the NBA and the love of basketball are not mutually exclusive. I will continue to love basketball, but I can't get myself to give a crap about the NBA, at least, not until David Stern is de-throned.
I'm with you, nonomoz. The NBA is dead to me. But we still have the Huskies.
Hindsight can't be 20/20 vision without actually looking back, so lets take one and reflect on some of your thoughts:

#27: "wild-ass guessing." After last night, you think they're still guessing?

"...but it is going to be the worst team in the league for the next three years." Well, one of the worst the first year. But after that not so much.

"Over the next three years, your new team will lose somewhere between 160 to 180 games." Not close. In the 4 seasons in OKC, a total of 137.

"...you are going to lose that glow. Your initial infatuation will end and then the hard work of being a fan will begin: You will have to learn how to love a loser." Wrong and wrong.

"I guarantee you that the best players on your new team—along with their agents, business managers, and lawyers—are already strategizing about how to get out of your town. Seattle is a gorgeous, cosmopolitan city and we had difficultly keeping and signing big-time free agents. How do you think Oklahoma City is going to do?" What's the payoff on the guarantee since you were so wrong? OKC is doing quite will with its "big-time free agents." Thanks for asking.

Yep, they might have cleared cap space. We traded Jeff Green and resigned Kevin.

"If you can find a great coach like Utah's Jerry Sloan, then you can talk." We have. Let me introduce you to Scott Brooks. "If you get lucky with your draft picks and end up with a player as great as Chris Paul because a number of other teams were too idiotic to draft him, then you can talk." Sam Presti's picks have turned out well. I don't believe luck had anything to do with it.

Indeed Westbrook was going to be a free agent. Instead of him and his representatives "strategizing about how to get out of your town", he resigned on 1/19/2012.

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