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On Pearl Jam, '70s Trivia, and the Sex Appeal of Music Geeks

Mark Kaufmann


Those Matmos guys are foxy, and I'm glad I got to ask Daniel what he thought about the Frogs and queer minstrelsy, the topic of his fine paper, but I'm sorry I missed the duo at the Sunset (loved 'em at the Triple Door in '08). Oh, and Rosen and Christgau killed it.
The pop conference is the kind of event people in Seattle would read about in the New Yorker or the LA Times and bemoan the fact that we can’t have something like that in Seattle, but because it is held at EMP, it is ignored. For all of EMP's problems, it has created some programming over the years that is significant and should not be dismissed. Good article.
People visit EMP like crazy on free first Thursdays.

But like your comment on books -- what they're mobbing is the rooms where you can play with actual instruments, not the dark galleries where you can see such-and-such's 50 year old cape.
Soooooooooo boring.
the conference, not your article. The conference was soooooooo boring.
I had a good time at the conference, but I think after eight years the novelty's worn off for people a little--not really the conference's fault. Also, this year, I know a lot of people who'd have liked to come from out of town but simply couldn't afford it, unlike years past--the economy didn't help it much.
Learn how to write dude.
This is the best article on the Pop Con I've read, Eric. Congratulations -- you captured its pleasures and problems perfectly.
You claimed to see "some episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation playing on the gift shop TV screens?" Not sure where you saw that, but I distinctly remember seeing a display for a Star Trek Scene-It DVD game in the gift shop. Seems like something like that belongs in the gift shop to me. Perhaps if you had spent more than 5 seconds looking at this display you would be able to get your facts straight. And by the way, purchases at the gift shop help support the museum's programming, including Pop Conference.
"Trickin," an act considered to be shameful by most, refers to the purchasing of things for a prospective mate in the hopes of eventually getting some. Just as "tricks" pay prostitutes money for sex, one who is "trickin" is fundamentally attempting the same with a non-prostitute person.

However, the term does not apply if you have the financial resources to fund this form of courtship at no significant loss; a distinction articulated by the phrase, "it ain't trickin' if you got it".

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