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Full Schedule! Tons of Reviews! The Only Guide You Need!


Lasky rules
Siff reviews from 2009! Wow, now THAT'S useful.
My 20-pack of tix and I are ready.
Why does everyone seem excited about the festival moving to Everett? I say put the Seattle back in SIFF!

Isn't this supposed to be an event that brings people into the city? The city of Seattle underwrites the festival with our tax payers money. If SIFF seems willing to take the festival to Everett. And I quote City Magazine referring to Carl Spence, the artistic director of the festival's suggestion that he move the entire program to Everett, "Spence jests that he'd gladly move SIFF to generous Everett, which foots the bill for its satellite fest."

Hasn't Seattle done plenty of SIFF. Offered them free rent at Seattle Center. Shouldn't SIFF be bringing these suburbanites into the city where they would be spending their hard earned cash on our cities businesses instead of staying safely back in their towns? And Everett isn't the only suburban venue. Let's not forget Kirkland. I mean really, this fest will soon be called the King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties Film Festival.

I'm pissed and I hope I'm not alone! Will someone else stand up and say something! Mayor McGinn where are you?
@4, are there shows that play in Everett and only Everett? I haven't run into any, and I'm okay with them having shows elsewhere as long as they have them in Seattle too. Plus, less of the B&T crowd in the city limits.
Where is the full schedule and grazillions of reviews? The link only goes to a blurb about the opening night party and the reviews from last year.
@2 and 6: This year's reviews are in the drop-down menu at the top right of the page, where it says "SEARCH! FILM TITLE."
So what is up with all the "love triangles" and menage trois this year? Is it an unofficial theme?
@5 Its not that the films aren't screening here, its just that Seattle film Festival is supposed to be a money make for the small businesses in Seattle. Its supported by the city because it increases revenue tax and otherwise. But if the festival continues to encourage people in surrounding areas not to venture into the city, well then what's the point of the city supporting it? That's my question.
I have some serious doubts that the city is offering anyone "free rent" at Seattle Center
@7 - But don't you guys usually have a big schedule showing all the movies by day/time/location?
@10 Here's the story about free rent http://crosscut.com/blog/crosscut/19512/…
Wow. I didn't see that twist ending coming. My mind has been blown. For reals.
@11 There might be one in the Stranger paper copy. Otherwise, use the drop-down list in the corner.

Or you could, y'know, use the official SIFF schedule for date/time selection or location/genre/etc selection.

Re: Stranger SIFF Guide -- I was hoping for actual reviews, not just rehashed summaries.
@11: Good suggestion. We'll have something like that up on the web tomorrow. Check back.

@14: We watched as many films as we physically had time for--which was quite a few--before the print guide came out. Those reviews are all bylined and each offers a Stranger staffer's opinion. If there's no byline, it means we haven't seen it yet. We'll be watching even more films and updating this guide (and the blog) throughout the festival.
everett? really? i lived in everett or (everott) as the locals call it for 25 years. have you been there? well as the saying goes around town" come on vacation, leave on probation!" bring your bail money kids! everett is a police state on a grand scale, don't worry there will be drugs for sale from the usual vendor types (blacks and hookers) so bring money for that too. oh yeah don't forget there are cameras everywhere.. really they are up high on buildings,on the corners,in the alleys. oh hell you'll see enjoy seattle! lol!
@8: triangles everywhere
Outstanding Italian and French movies last Saturday night at the Egyptian. Thank you to all those in line, including my lovely date, for keeping it fun and real. I also wanted to submit a joke, like the "dead body with severed feet"-carrying hazmat boys. If you want to raise the profile of the SIFF, like they do in Penticton, vote for and designate a Queen of SIFF, and call her Phyllis, and then you can say: All hail (or aw hell) the Queen of SIFF, Phyllis!

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