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And Defeat an Anti-Gay, BIAW-Bought, Eyman-Backing, Pro-Guns-for-Kids Conservative Tool


Jim Johnson is good on the 2nd Amendment, his concurrence in part and dissent in part in the State v. Sieyes makes the argument that there is no rational basis for denying a 17 year old the right to keep and bear arms just because he is 17.
Jim Johnson is good for divorced fathers. He joined Richard Sanders and Tom Chambers in finding that suspending licenses for nonpayment of child support is so unrelated to the purpose of the licensing power as to offend the 14th Amendment.
Frankly, given the Constitution Free Zone that is family law, I am dumbfounded gays want anything to do with marriage and divorce! Because if we allow same gender marriage, we will have same gender divorce.
Should we have that, then a gay man destroyed in a divorce may need Jim Johnson and four more like him on the Supreme Court of Washington.
Could the Stranger not get some writers familiar with state election law? That the Johnson-Rumbaugh race will be decided in the primary has NOTHING to do with the Top Two primary. For decades, judicial elections have been governed by different laws than partisan races, and Top Two didn't change anything.

If only two candidates file for a judicial position, it will be decided in the primary. It was that way in the blanket primary days, it was that way during the Pick-A-Party interregnum, and it is that way today.

If basic facts like that escape the Stranger, its writers, and its interns, wehy should I have any confidence in anything appearing in the Stranger?

Here's another secret- if only one candidate files for Superior Court judge in King County, they don't even appear on the ballot, but are already elected. No write-in, no nothing.

At least the single candidate in a state supreme court race, or the winner of the primary between two candidates, has to appear on the November ballot and can be opposed by a write-in. But such basic facts seem to elude the Stranger.

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But such basic facts seem to elude the Stranger.
Basic facts seem to elude the Stranger.
Basic facts elude the Stranger.
Basic facts.
#1 - So all the other pitches against gay marriage have finally come down to "It doesn't work for the Straights; therefore, gays shouldn't be able to marry?" Just wow.

#2 - If I read the article correctly, what they are saying is get out and vote for Rumbaugh, that way, we the voters, can vote for him in the election. Perhaps I'm a little confused over all the big words.

As a lifetime voter (well, as long as it was legal for me to vote), I say, "I don't care who you vote for, just vote."

Voting is not only a right, it's a responsibility.
Here are somethings I KNOW!!!! One I am pretty sure I am enrolling in Law Classes this year. Not because I wish to become a lawyer. But because I wish to be better able to correct some really really FUCKED UP laws around here! Two...If the worlds best paper... " The Strranger! " says Rumbaugh then I would believe them. For supreme court. Further more although I have not studied all of Patty Murrys sp? decisions however from observing her recently compared to dino's paid for slander on T.V. I would have to say I'll bet she's a better MAN for the senate job... Isn't obama coming out to seattle this month to give her props? Or something why isnt The Seattle Times writing about that.? Where is fox news when you need them to report the president is coming to town. King 5 shouldnt those dudes over there be reporting something worth while to the people? Me... WHO AM I TO JUDGE.I am a bit more concerned/aware about things like the patriot act... ENDING WAR!!!! and ofcourse above all else the Peace and Safety of my innocent children.

Sending Love Brandi Michelle Mary Halstead
aka Ms.Killer B
This article is about State Supreme Court, not Superior court, Mr. King. My ballot contains 3 judge positions on the Supreme court, two positions on the Court of Appeals and a Prosecuting Attorney for King County.

(BTW-I voted for Becker, because I have a friend in the lawyering business who provides facts regarding all judge candidates in these elections.

Thank you Mr. Sanders for trying to get information out to the voters. I don't always agree with the Stranger's opinions or fact finding methods, but I always appreciate the efforts made by this paper to bring politics to the front during election time.

A google search tonight regarding these judge candidates produced your article. We can thank the rest of our media for helping keep ourselves in the dark.

Thanks again,

This article might have been helpful if it had been released before the ballots came out. I've already voted.
But such basic facts seem to elude the Stranger.
Basic facts seem to elude the Stranger.
Basic facts elude the Stranger.
Basic facts.
But such basic facts seem to elude the Stranger.
Basic facts seem to elude the Stranger.
Basic facts elude the Stranger.
Basic facts.
If you were to read Johnson's opinions as I have, it would be obvious that he isn't even an "original constitutionalist" as he claims. He is against constitutionally protected freedom of speech, he is against requirements for search warrants in situations that have always required search warrants in the past, he is against gay marriage, he is against proper citations. I followed one of his references and it didn't say what he claimed anywhere, specifically HIS claim that marijuana intoxication is the leading contributor to fatal accidents; he cited a very biased pamphlet on marijuana ("blunts are often rolled with crack") and that resource didn't even attempt to claim or infer anything about driving while under the influence of marijuana. What is he for? Business, bigotry, and the conservative, puritanical church values.
So much for the endorsements from The Stranger.

(Johnson won by 61%)
So much for an endorsements from The Stranger.

(Johnson won by 61%)
Let's not be silly here, the media is notorious for their spin with agendas and personal conflicts. Equally, if not more so, than politicians themselves. There's no news without... NEWS. I'm pretty confident that much of what we watch and read is an edited rendition fit for the likes of a good Aaron Spelling show. Or Tupac Biggie, East vs. West built up battle. It WORKS!!!! Tell me you're NOT a sucker, like myself, for a good 90210 episode or ... (your pick here).
I EVEN saw an ad explicitly saying that Johnson was in the pockets of the tobacco industry? Seriously? They may as well have added that he was also capable of kicking water uphill. Come on now...
Gay marriage? I'm not sure why Justice Johnson doesn't back them either... I DO know he is NOT against gay/lesbian relationships. I'm straight and I'm against marriage... for MYSELF... straight people and gays alike. Why bother? It's USUALLY a religious ceremony anyway which should not constitutionally TOUCH our laws in the first place. Love is love and true commitment needs no spotlight in the political field, period. Who gives a high hoot? Really? Make yourself, or get someone to make a fake certificate for you, like an eighteen year old does fake id, if this is SUCH a serious deal to you... I know I don't need ANYONE to tell me how much my love to my friends, family, or loved partner means. Nothing in ANY physical form or law will ever be able to come close to containing or defining my love so take the whole world away completely... it's still there strong & untouchable.
As a matter of fact, when I see the cutest couple in the street or in my building, gay or straight, I think... RIGHT ON! I'm happy for them. Decriminalization in job and military is offensive to me but this silly contract of marriage recognized by the the state is as stale and fake as that young hot model marrying the old hermit sitting on millions. Why would ANYONE FIGHT to be a part of this hoax? Gay or straight. Let's be reasonable and get back to the fundamental issues of Constitutionality that Johnson ALWAYS goes OUT OF HIS way to defend.. comment.. descent etc. on. We don't want more rules and by making an issue of this marriage ban is a distraction of what we ALL really want. Freedom and security. We are LUCKY as Americans and we are LUCKY to have a honorary man on court who ACTUALLY takes the time to thoroughly review and remark on all the cases before him.
I'm sure the financial backing he has received has been a measure of his VALUE not as a "favor" to the pac or groups who contributed but to and for the general good of ALL the people who will reap the benefits of his sound judgement. I hate(d) the jocks too in high school... but I showed up at the games and had an excellent time watching them work their hearts out for a defeat they were, in all reality, doing in my honor too!!
Johnson's list of backers is extensive and diverse. From the fishermen in Illwaco to large industry political heads. I get confused myself to think ONE man can REALLY be on ALL teams... Then again, I'm a humanitarian and that's how I envision Johnson with the extensive research and background I've gathered as a nerd and as someone who CARES about our future and the people that WE HAVE THE LIBERTY TO CHOOSE to ensure our rights and freedoms are safe from perversion, restriction, and infringement upon our livelihoods. I'm a happy person, in general... are YOU? Why let the media tell us we shouldn't be?

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