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Our Favorite Bowls

Wild Rice and Beer Cheese Soup Kelly O


Minnies also had a kickass cinnamon roll.
The last one -- the butternut squash soup -- is equally good with hubbard squash, and both are exponentially improved with lots and lots of curry powder.
Tom Kha Gai with a side of steamed rice is a truly amazing taste sensation as well as being comforting--everything to which soup should aspire. Jai Thai (and a few other places) do it really well.
I am SO hungry now. Soup is my favorite food, and noodle soups like pho and ramen are a godsend. Hooray for a Samurai on the hill!

May I begin the whining by mentioning that Kushibar in Belltown has incredible ramen that you can order with kimchi. I know it's cross-cultural blasphemy, but damn is it fucking delicious. Their spicy nabeyaki udon is also one of the best hangover cures I've encountered.

Well done, soup testers! Thank you for your valuable insights!
Very nice roundup, but I have to add my favorite for your consideration: the Hopvine's Roasted Garlic Soup, a seasonal rotation that just came out this week! NOM!!! Last year I had it at least 30 times. I love to take my friends for their first bowl. I call it the Soup of 10,000 Orgasms, because I want to softly moan every time I sip it. I'm borderline psycho in my love for this soup. You must try it!
In the "every soup ever" category, I would also recommend Le Gourmand and its neighboring son Sambar. Bruce Naftaly is basically the NW godfather of French techniques and local ingredients and his soups are to die for. DIE FOR!!!
I have only ever had burnt tasting ramen from Samurai Noodle. It's disgusting. I've given it several chances and am always extremely disappointed.
@7: I've only been once, but I kind of agree. Everybody told me that I'd love it but I didn't understand the flavor at all. In fact, my memory of it is confused as well.
Pho from any Than Bros.
Wonton Soup from Canton Wonton House in the ID. In high school my best friend and I would drive up from Tacoma just to eat soup here, then turn around and drive back home. My husband gets irrational cravings for it on a weekly basis. It's cheap, it's fast, and the owner is sweet to you now even though she and your best friend got in a screaming match back when you were a sassy teenager and she had no patience for your bullshit. Get some Chinese donuts for dunking and you're set.
Bi Bim Bahb - your choice of meat, ten different vegetables arranged on steamed rice topped with fried egg - chicken, beef or tofu

If you ever find yourself in Appleton, WI
Best borscht is Cafe Yarmarka.

As for Senor Moose, they have a soup at breakfast that is heaven.

Two eggs* poached in tomato broth with poblano chile strips. Served with grilled bread.
Malay Satay Hut has a good curry noodle soup if you add fish balls and get the yellow noodles.
@10 is correct! their wonton & siu kau noodle soup is the best.
@11 I feel like you might be unclear on this whole 'soup' concept.
No love for the than brothers on broadway?
Hopvine soups and all of their food is inedible. Absolutely some of the worst I've ever encountered in Seattle. I've never understood how that place makes it!

Anyway, if you're talking pho I like Green Leaf and Tamarind Tree. They also have other noodle soups with seafood and duck and all kinds of good stuff. NOM NOM NOM.
Oooo yeah don't forget Jamjuree on 15th! Right next to the above-mentioned Crap-Vine. All of their Thai soups are the shizz, and you MUST try their Cow Soy noodle soup with egg noodles and whatever meat or tofu or veggies you like. **DROOOOL**

I'm not pleased by the implied comparison between the shoyu ramen from Tsukushinbo and anything produced by Samurai Noodle. If you want good ramen and it's not Friday lunch, just go to Fu Lin on 5th and King. Your taste buds will thank you.

I might also suggest people get down to Thai Curry Simple and check out their Tom Kha on a rainy day. It warms the soul in a sublime way words cannot explain.
@16 - have you ever read slog? They won't shut up about Than Bros.

@12 and @Cienna: Yarmarka's borscht is served hot, and it is quite good.

I'm still looking for a good cold borscht in this city. Piroshki on Madison/on Third's -- hot or cold?
@11 Not really soup! But yes, very very tasty.

The Tom Yum at Araya in the U-Dist is pretty nice. I also like Boiling Point in Bellevue.
I remember that soup at Minnie's. It was the perfect thing at 4 or 5am after a long night. Awesome!

I miss Minnie's! The soup wasn't the only great thing on the menu.. Dutch Babies, The epic cinnamon roll, Eggs Florentine..
I love the won ton soup at Tangerine Tree above the Broadway QFC. Big, meaty won tons and perfect, minimal broth.
so happy to see minnie's tomato basil soup on this list! i thought i was the only person who remembered it. it usually had big chunks of half melted parmesan you had to dig out of the bottom. mm..and yes, their dutch baby was good too. everything else was pretty sub par though.
this is one of the best stranger articles ever.
Sorry to be a dick but you probably mean tonkOtsu (pork bone) ramen, not tonkAtsu (pork cutlet).
Not love for Nana's Soup House? Their corn chowder is killer.
@5: You will find your soup above under "All the Soups at the Hopvine" (and then you will find it disputed @17 and @18).

@28: How right you are—fixed, and thank you!

Up with soup! Wait, that sounds weird.
As a former employee I can clarify something: Minnie's soup was taken from Hamburger Mary's, who first figured out the incredibly difficult recipe: It is a can of chopped tomatoes poured over tons of sauteed onion and loads of dried basil. Add 1/2 and 1/2. (Occasionally some white wine was added, too, but never use fresh basil in this soup). It is delicious.

And something is amiss with the quote about the pickles.
This might sound weird, but years ago I worked in the King County building downtown - the one with the diamond-shaped windows. There was a cafeteria there that had the cheapest, most delicious house-made soups. I don't know if they are still making great soup, or even if there is still a cafeteria in the building, but if I ever get called for jury duty (KNOCK! KNOCK!) I will head over there and find out.
500 4th Ave, between Jefferson & James
One does not chop oysters for an oyster stew. They oysters must be left whole. At least that's the east coast way. Chopping the oyster destroys the flavor and texture. Just sayin'.
One does not chop oysters for an oyster stew. They oysters must be left whole. At least that's the east coast way. Chopping the oyster destroys the flavor and texture. Just sayin'.
Totally second the comment for Le Gourmand and Sambar--incredible food and drinks at both places. Le Gourmand is exactly what a French restaurant should be and Sambar (right behind Le Gourmand in the Ballard area of Seattle) has some of the best specialty cocktails in town.
@32: You reminded me of the place my co-workers & I used to go to back in the mid-90's -- McSorley's. Might not be the one you're thinking of, they were a hole in the wall between 2nd & 3rd on Madison. Great family run place, no frills, amazing homemade food! Lentil Soup was very yum.
i didn't see it mentioned, but the My Tho at Green Leaf in the ID is absolutely delicious! this clear noodles, roast pork, ground pork, squid, shrimp, fish ball, dumpling, exotic herbs, clear broth. definitely in my top 5.

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