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Artist Mimi Allin Takes a Very Strange Hike

‘Tahoma Kora’ Artist Mimi Allin threw herself to the ground and got back up all around the mountain. Kelly O


Reminds me a bit of Iwao and Hanaye Matsushita
and their reverence for the "Holy Mountain". I completely agree with her that we create the sacred - and Tahoma has been that as long as people have been in N. America.

Way to get in the way, NPS.
That's NOT art that's just some silly hippie that believes they have a good idea. It's not a good idea that's just silly. What passes for Art nowadays is ridiculous. That hippie ought to get a real job instead of dragging her ass around a mountain.
Fall mountain, just don't fall on me.
Allin is the correct spelling of the last name.
Awesome, and well done Ms. Allin.
Thank you to Jen & Kelly for their willingness to come into the field at the close of the project and connect with the mountain. The weather was a model of cooperation for their half-day visit. As an addendum to this, I want to add that "A Corporate Poet" took place at NBBJ/Seattle in January 2010 (not 2011) with the help of a City Artist grant (http://corporate-poet.blogspot.com/). And, interestingly, it was my initial contact at NBBJ, Principal Architect Christian Carlson, who turned me on to the work of Francis Alÿs. I read everything I could about him and fell in love. My favorite Alÿs piece is "Sometimes Making Something Leads To Nothing" for which he has pushed a large block of ice through the city until it disappeared and later perforated a can of paint and walked, can in hand, through the city, leaving behind a continuous drizzle of paint on the roadway. Not surprising that Alÿs left a career in architecture to become a conceptual artist. Anyway, to have Alÿs mentioned alongside me is rather dreamy. Thank you for that connection. "Song of Tent City," my 3-month residency as poet-in-residence at a homeless encampment, was afforded a SPROUT grant. That blog lives online at: http://songoftentcity.blogspot.com/. Thank you again. Now onward, in peace!
Should you have a desire to find out more about Mimi's various residencies she was also the second artist in residence at PROJECT:Space Available where she built an entire ship's hold in the space and achieved her ham radio's license and became fluent in morse code after nearly two months of listening to a radio in the space. http://www.projectspaceavailable.com/blo…
vd who can't wait to see and encourage further pilgrimages, states of generosity and discovery, and lots of nature for this amazing artist amongst us.
AND Mimi was also artist #2 in residence at PROJECT:Space Available where she built a ship's hold in the studio and lived there for nearly two months.
She got her ham radio license and became fluent in morse code after so many hours of listening to a ham radio. To conclude her two month residency the space was empty and she imagined herself in the Tibetan desert and welcomed the viewers into her imaginary yurt....thus began the yurt that lived in Tent City....for more info: http://www.projectspaceavailable.com/blo…
vd who would support her to the bottom of the ocean or into outer space
post martyrism
That is weird and awesome. Thank you Mimi!
Everything was fine until the comment about India and Tibet, which shows, in her projection of personal values onto the rest of the world, that Allin's hubris is about as portly as Rainier itself. Love nature all you want but to separate human from the big picture requires a certain - high - level of arrogance. What do you think the temples and statues in India and Tibet are built from? Man-made rocks?

Sacredness is subjective. Keep prostrating, it is supposed to teach humility.
Way to wreck the meadows. smash smash smash. I think you would want to respect the mountain.
I love the idea of the Wonderland Trail as a Rainier Kora. I have been looking into a Kailash Kora for a while now, without the prostrations, just a trek. This is some motivation to do the Wonderland Trail.

I wonder, is Mimi Allin related to GG Allin?
Incredible, Mimi! You are a wonder of nature and thoughtful creativity.

(As a soldier at Ft Lewis I once slipped into a chest-high pit of snow at Rainier after a bud or two, my friend and I laughed hysterically as I struggled to get out= my only Mt Rainier story!)
Wow what an utter load of crap.
Wow since you don't understand something it must be crap.
Jen, thanks so much for this glimpse of Mimi's astonishingly arduous pilgrimage. Mimi, I've hiked on Rainier half a dozen times this summer, and thought of you each time. I tried to imagine falling to my knees and then all the way to the ground, then getting up and doing that over and over again. It made me look at the trails very differently.
this lady needs to get a JOB- unless she likes being dirty and smelly and having no home... most likely, no dental care either. She could get paid for doing something for humanity... taking care of the elderly, cleaning the streets, helping troubled children, etc. Seriously, take care of yourself and have a nicer life. You are only hurting yourself.
Inspiring for somebody, nice passing time effort for others though.

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