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Women's Breasts, a Memorable Police Report, and People Who Love to Stare at Fluffy White Things in the Sky

They are fluffy . . . Photo by L. Saito


mudede, you are an odd boy.
very, very good
THIRD!!!! WOOOO!!!!!!
I mean, FOURTH, WOOO!!!!
I hope Carl and Lisa are happy wherever they are. their story is such an unfortunate snarl of poetic love, financial desperation, and lust.

I often feel the same kinship to the transitory nature of waves on Puget Sound.
I love the way this story mutates
from one story to another
just like clouds..
cock appreciation society?
Love. Brilliant.
I enjoyed the asian dating site ad at the end.
This made one of those 230 days more tolerable. Great job Charles.
Cliff Mass was appalled upon learning that his comments were included in this piece. While I enjoy The Stranger, I think Prof. Mass should have been informed of the content before being associated with this piece. He in no way wants to be associated with a story that is 1) not about clouds in any fundamental way and 2) is flippant about infidelity.
Haha. This was great.
Ok ok ok. I was really about to bash this because this article made no sense to me at all. I mean. Old fuck head is getting bj's from Ms Barely Legal whilst sending her HUGE sums of money that she can use to fuck other guys whilst ruining his wifes life..... THEN: Clouds? What kind of boring bull shit is that? I dont care how eerie Mt Rainier looks. It will look even creepier when it turns Seattle into a pool of lava. Then, ye olde Hentai?
Why did I even read this far? This was a waste of my already poor eye sight.
But you close it with that last little bit about letting things go. About leaving them to go as they are. That was beautiful. That ought to be in a short story somewhere. Not The Stranger (no offense).
I am appalled as was Cliff Mass to have my cloud photo associated with this article! If I had known I would have said no. I was hoping for another article to add to my portfolio but there is no way I can refer people on to this!

Darlisa Black, photographer
@15 why not?
The word that comes to mind when I read this essay is "Herzogian." Read it as though it is narrated by Werner Herzog, and I think you will see what I mean.
(Like so.)
#16 I have a lot of strait laced sort of contacts for my photography I guess... and if I sent them here that opening story would make them think they went to a porn site.. sorry, we are just back woods small town folk, not used to this! However as I read it again I can come to appreciate the writing ability of the author...
You have done well, Charles.

@19: Everyone understands that art can be strange. Having your work shown here does not mean you endorse everything that was written. Congratulations on a beautiful photo.

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