This photo essay about Seattle band Fly Moon Royalty was shot by Jack Newton as an assignment for an advanced photography class at Photo Center NW. Instructor Beb C. Reynol is a documentary photographer and freelance photojournalist working to promote social change through photo-storytelling. Called "Shooting a Feature Story," Reynol created the workshop to encourage the community to see the narrative possibilities of photography. recommended

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1. Electro-soul duo Fly Moon Royalty is Action Jackson (left), who creates the beats, and Adra Boo (right), who sings over them. They are recording station IDs for a radio show on Jet City Stream, a new online radio station located in the old Rainier brewery in Sodo.

2. Boo before a Jet City Stream live performance. She credits her powerful stage presence to her theater background.

3. Boo and Jackson goofing off on a fire escape.

4. Jackson and Boo hunker down at the Spitfire to go over details of an upcoming gig.

5. Action Jackson having a beer after a day's work.

All Fly Moon Royalty photos by Jack Newton.

Consignment: Simple Ridiculousness by Kateri Town

1. Matt Nyce leans over to pet his cat inside his kitchen on April 18, 2012.

2. The couples’ mantle displays a drawing of the couple and their wedding picture, as well as Dena’s prom photo.

3. Matt Nyce and Dena Hampton smile at each other while playing a song during a rehearsal session on April 7th. The couple has known each other since attending high school in the Tri-cities.

Country Lips: by Adriana Delgado

1. Country Lips take the stage at Blue Moon Tavern.

2. Piñata party at the Cinco de Mayo performance.

3. Hamilton holding a neon light stick and a beer.

Kithkin: Kingdom of Cascadia by Denise Lopez

1. Alexander Barr looks on as a local band performs in his basement on a Friday night. The band offers up their home as a space for local bands to play music.

2. Barr and Kelton Sears team up to find hidden beers for the band’s “Beerster” hunt on Easter Sunday.

3. Ian McCurcheon and Bob Martin play together in their dimly lit basement, as part of a side project.

Midday Veil: by Raul Alvarez

1. Emily Pothast taking a break from her work looks at the art work from an album. Emily runs a record label called Tanslinguistic Other and was preparing a shipment that was going to Italy.

2. David Golightly composing music during a practice session at Timm Mason’s house. David is using a shorthand notation he has learning during his formal musical training. David has studied music at the University of Mainz, Germany, the Karlheinz Stockhausen Courses Kuerten, the Arbeitstagung of the Institut fuer Neue Musik und Musikerziehung Darmstadt, Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference and the University of Louisville School of Music.

3. Timm Mason waits to start an improvisational set at The Black Lodge. The smoke of burning sage hangs thick in the air at Midday Veil performances.

Naomi Punk: Chris Newell

1. Travis puts on a record while he folds album inserts in his apartment. Like most of his music collection, their new album The Feeling is being released on vinyl.

2. Travis Coster, Nick Luempert and Neil Gregerson rehearse in the last days before their launch party. This was their first time using the basement of Neil's new place in Olympia for practice.

3. Naomi Punk plays an in-store show at Everyday Music in Capitol Hill on April 21, just a few hours before their Black Lodge show. The performance was part of Everyday Music’s celebration of Record Store Day 2012.