Features Nov 7, 2012 at 4:00 am

Bill and Ruth True just closed their temple to melancholy, meditative fantasy. Why? And what will they do next?

There might not be another one like it in the world. Mark Woods


And just look how far all 'that' got them.

...reading this brief (?) history really is just about ALL that is wrong with the "Seattle Art Scene".

and finally...I guess money doesn't buy you happiness...or good art,,,or good taste...just people who will tell you that it is.

I'm uplifted by this. It's so good to see the transitory celebrated as the site of meaning and value. Permanence is overrated. Western Bridge has been lovely. What next?
Aww, CRAP!! I never knew this place existed! I would most definitely have gone there frequently and often. Sheesh. I gotta pay more attention...
An excellent and thoughtful article. Thank you Jen!
Well, you don't have to "market" your art, but it would be nice to tell people that it existed so they can go see it…or not. Never heard of this place, never went there, and never will now. Thanks for nothing!
I really enjoyed this article. I almost cried at the lines of the Tempest. Thank you to the Trues and keep on doing your thing!
The "Post-W" economy? Impressive. I guess when the economy's still in the shitter in 2016 it'll still be Bush's fault.
Unclez, you should take a look at http://xkcd.com/980/ and the big us budget chart under wars: the Korean War, Vietnam war and Gulf war combined cost less than GW's wars and we're floating all that cost on debt/credit. So YEAH. It will be W's fault. A trillion of it (principal only mind you) anyway.
I wrote about it all the time.

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