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And for the Stoned, the Vegan, 
the Rich, the Poor, the Broken-Jawed…


I hear you're lookin' for Candy Man...
You know, there are a lot of things to like about Plum Bistro. Their desserts, however, aren't really one of them. Sometimes they can be good, but they tend to be hit or miss, and unfortunately, the one non-gluten-free vegan bakery in Seattle shuttered its doors last year. As an alternative, if we're craving sweet after dinner in Capitol Hill we usually go for ice-cream at bluebird (almost always two vegan flavors), or grab a vegan cupcake from cupcake royale, both of which are within 200 feet of Plum.

Or you could bite the bullet and head over to Flying Apron for some Vegan/GF sweets, if you're not feeling lazy. I heard that there's also a new vegan bakery opening soon in either Queen Anne or Wallingford...not sure.
My teeth all just fell out.
And the Japanese cheesecake with passion fruit and green tea at Poppy...nom nom nom. I licked the plate clean.
Well, fugdge me in the bum! Was just at Poppy a week ago and had shared the Thali w/ some friends, so I was happy to see a photo of it as the cover page. Fuggin' delisious!
OOps! Apparently I can't spell, fudge or delicious.
Also I did lick the martini glass clean of the toasted-coconut rice-pudding ice cream.
What Pioneer Sq MMJ dispensery? I'm so wanting the Gummys! Tell us! :)
The Ritter Butter Biscuit is like a gourmet Kit Kat (and I've never even really liked Kit Kat). So good.

Ritter also has many more delicious varieties. If you can find it (I found them at CostPlus), get the milk chocolate amaretto cherry bar. The white chocolate hazelnut is good, and I love the milk chocolate coconut (it's like a gourmet Almond Joy, without the almond), but I haven't been able to find it for a few years.
As a vegan, I unfortunately have to second the comment about Plum. While most of their food is really good, their desserts just aren't. If you're looking for a good vegan treat, get the brownie/ice cream/chocolate fudge sauce thing at Cafe Flora, or head over to Full Tilt for some vegan ice cream.

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