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The World's Best Amateur Porn Festival Is So Good, We Had to Double the Grand Prize

Kelly O


Oh, Dan, blow jobs make Reno Sweeney's heart go all a' fluffer.
Sweet! I'm very proud we placed with Anal Alley. Want a shirt Dan?! I do think there needs to be a 4th category that would help capture films like "Fuck".
I loved "Fuck". Loved it. But I thought it barely met the definition of "porn". And this is a porn festival. I'm glad it got best in show, but I don't think there needs to be a special category for arty pieces that could easily be shown in a non-porn fine-arts context.
Yay, I loved 'The Legend of Gabe Harding!' I was skeptical when it started (hate retro-70s crap), and then got really afraid it was going to be a fat joke. But it ended up being such a great everyman story, warm and funny. I think this might have been my favorite Hump! year so far; less irony and capitol-A Art, more sexy and fun.

I'm glad so many people liked 'Fun With Fire', it was a *ahem* blast to make. If you want to see it again, I put it up for free at http://lovinglyhandmadepornography.com/d… .
Aha! Here's what made me so excited about this year: it felt like most of the entries to Hump were really *personal*. Not just a witty idea, but showing something vulnerable and enjoyable and happy.
This all makes me so happy!!! Everyone that won deserved their awards, and how wonderful of the Stranger to give out TWO grand prizes!! Thanks The Stranger!
Russell, you rock! Thanks for making your film available on your website! I enjoyed it very much. ;-)
"Fun with Fire" was hot and so sweetly authentic. The connection between the two folks was palpable. I didn't breathe for most of it, and actually turned to my sweetheart and said, "I'd love to learn how to do that."
Thanks for hosting again.
Ourobouros got my vote for best in show. Clever, well shot, great editing and good music. Speaking of music - there was an instrumental/electronic track in the second half of Tran Am: Laid Over that I totally dug. But of course, I couldn't Shazam it. Is there anyone, anywhere that knows what the song was?

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