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Seriously, That Is the World We're Living in Now


I enjoyed Wintelife's service for a while. They're good people.

I have since found a local grower that will do the same thing but for much cheaper. While you spend 90 for a quarter ounce I am spending 90 for a half ounce.

I'm not rubbing it in, I'm just saying that if you look around for MMJ on Craigslist or Backpage, you can always find a good deal. Washington State is flooded with Herb right now.

It is surreal.
They should take Thornton Burgess critter names. There are a lot of them.
Yes but Amazon
Prime Green will deliver it by drone, so long as you can wait till after the SR-99 Tunnel is built (about to be canceled, 520 bridge ran out of $)
This is a great and safe service. I've used it a few times. They have a menu on their website and I think they start at $60 for a quarter which is perfectly good, $90 is high end. Dealers seemed to have disappeared the past couple of years due to medical marijuana stores, so it's really nice to have a safe service and not have to bug friends. 5 stars A+
Otter, Bear, Opossum?
But what does the Fox say?
I interpreted the illustration as a weasel at your door, and thought this was going to be an attack piece. But then, I imagine it's hard to make an illustration that reads "otter" without putting one in water with a clam on his/her tummy.
I've used them and been quite happy with the results. Prices are a little high from what I was previous paying through my friend but I just see it as a surcharge for the delivery.
I would hope the city realizes that there are an infinite number of people who will happily deliver weed to your door _without_ paying taxes or checking ID, and so shutting these somewhat-more-legit services down before the stores open would be counterproductive.
We have about 5,000 grocery store-type liquor store retail licenses and there are applications in for about 2,600 pot retail licenses. Wow... that's a lot of MJ.
Love it! You learn something everyday.
I started using Winterlife after CHS ran a story about them back in October (way to be up-to-date, Stranger staff!) and I really can't recommend them enough: good weed (though a bit pricey), good people, good business. Even when retail stores open, Winterlife will probably still be my go-to source.
Wolf delivered to me on Thanksgiving day and it was a more professional exchange than most pizza deliveries I've had. Winterlife is to old-school dealers as Uber is to taxis.
What's the protocol for tipping with a service like this? Percent? Fixed amount? Someone mentioned the higher price being like a service charge...
As a longtime friend of MMJ, I'm on a short, several-week break from it. I just want to clean out the tubes in my brain a bit as they have been foggy and clogged due to extensive cannabis use.

As my moniker implies, I take a lot of "indica dogwalks" and imbibe nightly (not a daytime user, however). Since my hiatus, I've been waking up in the morning much clearer, much brighter...with this strange nagging sensation to get things done, to accomplish stuff during the day. I'm not used to this. I think it's called...motivation. It will take some getting used to but I gotta say, I kind of like it.
I have to believe that delivery service will be possible after legalization as a form of courier service. It could happen a number of different ways.

Here's one: You have an account with the delivery service. You call them when you want weed. Money is deducted from your account. Some of it is entrusted to a courier - probably in a sealed envelope with clear instructions written on it - who buys the weed with your money on your behalf. Then the courier brings it to you. You might then give the courier more money to add to your account.

The money used to buy the weed was yours, so the weed was always yours. The courier only acted as your agent in the purchase. There isn't any law against acting as someone's agent in a purchase of weed, is there?

The question would be whether there anything in the law that precludes the licensed seller from conducting the transaction with an agent for the buyer rather than to the buyer in person. I doubt there is. Otherwise people with health issues that prevent them from going out couldn't get weed.

It's not illegal for booze. Your uncle could give you fifty bucks and have you go to the store and get him a bottle of wine, right?

Consider: What if Bill and Ted decide to buy a quarter ounce together? Bill gives Ted his share of the money, Ted goes by himself to buy it while Bill attends to important business at home. When Ted gets back he splits the weed with Bill. In that transaction Ted acted as Bill's agent, right?

Also, the seller doesn't have to know that the person buying the weed is acting as an agent for another party. In fact, how could they know?
I lived in lower Manhattan in the 80's and there were all-kinds of 1-800 numbers that delivered weed to your door. Smack, groceries, meals and hookers too.

Pre-digital analog Amazon for Sybarites.
Why can't they bundle pizza too?
Dominic -- I'm sorry you had to watch the second installment of The Hobbit, but at least you prepared yourself properly.

I watched it without the benefit of any painkillers, nausea-inhibitors, or other medical assistance whatsoever. I envy you.
Can they deliver breakfast too?
Got any sources on that 19?
I just called them!!! Its real! I thought it was a joke or some sting trap. Felt weird, wonderful! I have to admit I was a bit paranoid as well when they read off my address and telephone number. I am not under the influence either, just was a bit scary.

They even gave a jab in the gut to the state:

Under the terms of I-502 it is now legal for adults over the age of 21 to purchase, possess and consume Cannabis products. However, due in large part to a corrupt and inefficient legislative system, Safe and Reliable Access to Cannabis is largely unavailable to the general public who voted for legalization.

I did not buy any weed though yet. I am going to schedule a consultation to help determine the smoke that might be best for me or purchase a sampling. I've never been a regular smoker. I am only interested in cannabis for medical purposes though. Back pain, sleep... I am going to take the plunge and I hope this is all not a great big hoax. I wanjt to smoke weed when I'm 70 to ease ageing pains if possible.
Jesus that's expensive. I mean I know it's a business, but usually for your typical dude-you-call dealer I thought it was like $100 for a half ounce or something. That's all I've ever heard. Going from that to even $70 for half that is a pretty big stretch.
Uh, every dealer I've had up here has delivered to my door. That's not new. Let me know when we can finally do this legally.
@23, most 'dude-you-call' always seemed to have a steeper discount for buying larger amounts, winterlife doesn't seem to do as much. But their regular prices are in line with average pre-i502 prices. But the few times I have used them they have always been prompt, courteous and always in stock of something unlike most 'dude-you-call' guys I used to have to deal with.
I've used Winterlife since their Komo news appearance a few months ago (I'm surprised you haven't heard yet Dom). They are professional, and friendly, and have good pricing for good product.
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A solicitation to commit a drug offense is not specifically addressed in RCW 69.50. It is usually charged under RCW 9A.28 and sentenced under RCW 9.94A.510(2). Solicitations to commit VUCSA offenses are not considered “drug offenses”, but do score as such and are subject to the multiple “scoring” requirement. See RCW 9.94A.525(4), (6) and State v. Howell, 102 Wn. App. 288, 6 P. 3d 1201 (2000).

So, yes. Yes it is a crime.
"Suck it, Colorado." Suck what, Dom? So you found a quasi-legal outlet where people hide under pseudonyms for fear of possible prosecution, and you think that's just as good? It won't be if they're busted for whatever felony Holcomb says delivering pot is. (Distribution, I suppose? Or whatever @ 29 is talking about.)

Thanks, but I think having stores I can just walk into, that are above ground and operating openly, is a better system. If that wounds your Washington pride, well, that sort of pride is the kind of thing you should do without. You ain't going to be number one in everything.
Evan rocks.
Matt from Denver, just a little good-natured ribbing and rivalry among friends. :) We're good.
Aaron @29,

Are you familiar with the facts of the Howell case? "Solicitation to deliver" is typically a plea offered to individuals originally charged with delivery (Edna Howell pled guilty, she didn't go to trial). This is because solicitation is classified one seriousness level below the crime that, arguably, could be proved at trial. I.e., delivery of cocaine is a Class B felony; solicitation to deliver is a Class C felony.

In fact, the Court of Appeals specifically said in the Howell case, "Here, the defendants' solicitation to deliver cocaine conviction should be treated as the completed crime of delivery of cocaine." It sounds as though she may have been offering to sell cocaine. If Howell had only offered to purchase, or completed a purchase of, cocaine, she should have been facing possession or attempted possession charges, not delivery.

Are you aware of any cases in which someone has been charged with solicitation to deliver because they purchased, or offered to purchase, drugs?

"Delivery" is the felony charge of, well, delivering a controlled substance to someone else. RCW 69.50.401. We don't call it "distribution" under Washington state law.
King County Drug Task Force does do what it calls "reverse buys." They act as the seller and charge under solicitation to possess. I have handled such cases myself. And you are correct, it is an unbanked felony. And, more to the point of the article, nobody is doing anything about it. So it is not a likely outcome.
Also Dom, thanks for making them super busy tonight so it takes two hours past their normal delivery window! ;)
@35, thanks for the clarification. Solicitation to POSSESS is very different from solicitation to deliver. Solicitation to possess marijuana could not be a crime because possession of marijuana (within the established quantity limits) is no longer a crime.
This clearly shows how out of touch The Stranger, and our state Cannabis laws are. This type of behavior is illegal, and doesn't benefit anyone. While medical Cannabis patients are fighting to simply be able to grow their own medicine, scofflaws like Holden are pushing progress backwards saying it isn't technically a crime to take delivery of Cannabis.
Thanks for all the RCW info. I'll stick with my physical therapy, Aleve and an occasional opiate.
Imagining a Resevoir Dogs-esque fight over who gets to be called Skunk.
@ 32, I know that, but it's kind of like the supporters of one team telling the other to suck it when it was their team that lost the big game. "Eat your heart out" is more fitting, albeit still somewhat inconsiderate of the people taking the admittedly mild risk to deliver the pot.

@ 34, thank you for the clarification.
Capitalism and the free market are awesome.
They're the best! Been ordering for months. Get a dark chocolate bar next time.
Well if it sounds too good to be true..it probably is. Called and never heard back..maybe it's for the best :(
Did you hear back from them yet @45?

Who keeps the signed statement, you or them? Do you have to put your name on it?

Is there any way to contact them other than phone?
Somebody really ought to remind the Otter that anonymity comes with discretion, especially on social networking sites...
This service has ALWAYS existed...and now businesses like this are taking business and upward economic and social mobility from independent contractors, who are your friends and neighbors. And it sounds like it is still just as illegal. Leave it to Seattlites celebrate handing more money over to the government. Good thing Seattle is such a rich, privilidged city--If you have a high paying corporate job, you will be able to still afford marijuana, after all those taxes are applied.

This service has ALWAYS existed...and now businesses like this are taking business and upward economic and social mobility from independent dealers, who are indeed, your friends and neighbors. And it sounds like it is still just as illegal. Leave it to Seattlites celebrate handing more money over to the government. Good thing Seattle is such a rich, privilidged city--If you have a high paying corporate job, you will be able to still afford marijuana, after all those taxes are applied.

@39: The two are not at all connected. Your demands to keep it illegal are not going to give you any more rights.
@49: "This service has ALWAYS existed...and now businesses like this are taking business and upward economic and social mobility from independent contractors, who are your friends and neighbors."

This business employs my "Friends and neighbors",it's not like Wal-Mart jumped right in for crying out loud.
in Denver, there are several dozen of these people giving out tax-free weed on craigslist, some for as low as $100 an oz, suck it WA
Yeah. I ordered at 8 last night and was told it could take a few hours as they have been inundated with orders after this article. They never arrived. And they never called to tell me they weren't coming. Bummer.
@53: This isn't a zero-sum game, congrats to CO as well.

Though, I question whether you're talking about nonprofits / other licensed businesses or simply bragging about having your everyday dealer selling via Craigslist, which happens here too.
@9: 2,600 applications, but there are only 21 store licenses allocated to Seattle. Many people want in, few will actually get to play.

Great movie, about a NYC crew doing home delivery. C'mon, Gov. Cuomo, let NYS join the 21st century.
I live on Capitol Hill. Ordered nearly two hours ago, called after 90 minutes, said that it was "impossible" to tell me how long they would take. Website says they can make most deliveries in "about 45 minutes ago". Kind of ridiculous. The website should say a realistic time, "about 2 hours" is more like it...

Why can a pizza man tell me how long but they cannot???

I think this will be the last time I use this particular service... Disappointed.
4 hours and counting. Not impressed.
Nm, it was a misunderstanding, please disregard the above comment, I was really mad when I wrote that but they more than made up for it.
I live on the eastside so I asked the critters if we could meet in SoDo. About 2 hours later the transaction was complete. They were all out of the sativa I wanted but my critter suggested a comparable hybrid which I am currently satisfied with.
Awesome experience I would recommend raccoonsclub I am visitng from out of town and they were very professional.
The good Dr would be proud that his work was not in vain. We just scored some Blue Dream from these kind folks and there is nothing anyone should say about it in the negative. We are a lucky nation of ungrateful newts....Enjoy the bounty eat from her breast and never forget to say thanks..
yer pal in the woods.

is there delivery for the sifton area of Vancouver???
There's a bunch of websites offering recreational marijuana delivery in addition to Winterlife and Club Raccoon. There's a pretty good list at www.greenlightwashington.com
So can we get pot delivered if we do not have our green card?
Unfortunately there are about five or six providers and none of them are entirely scrupulous. I don't specifically mean winter life. They are subject to market pressures as well. The Medibles are all crap. Anything outside of the dispensary is going to be cut dilute old crappy. The semi commercially produced chocolate bars are the most acceptable if you absolutely cannot smoke. I happen to have a condition cannot inhale burning or heated particles. it's sad that the people who most need it are being victimized by profiteers. These five and $10 brownies contained 5 mg of THC at the most. Those beautiful sticky buds with the crystals on them can be vaporized to take half the THC out which is then used for other things. See you getting pretty pre-smoked buds from some of these guys. They love it because you smoke more And order again so they make more money by giving you half strength buds. The only way to keep weasels out of your life is to buy something called DAMA. Dama is a great measure of the entire market because someone who won't carry it is up to no good. , Comes double sealed with batch numbers and it is impossible to tamper with, it comes with a syringe so you can get an exact measure of THC/CBD. The only option if you don't want to get ripped off request DAMA
Great article. I really hope they will legalize home delivery. I would love to be a delivery guy.
Check out www.greenlightwashington.com for a comprehensive list of delivery services and reviews in Washington!

They no longer deliver to anyone without a medical card....

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